05 February 1504 Will of John Esterfeld of Bristol, merchant (proved [no date is given])

Source: TNA, PROB 11/14

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In the name of god Amen In the yere of our Lord god m ? v C and iiii And the v th
daye of February I John Esterfeld of Bristowe Merchannt being in good and hoole mynde at that
tyme make this my testament and let writte it on this wise In primis I bequeth my Soule unto almighty
god and to oure Lady saint Mary and to alle the holy company of heven and my body to be buried in the 
holy Oratory of our blessed Lady of Belhowsse within the church of saint Peter in Bristowe Also I 
gyve to the said Chapell of our Lady my best masse boke my chalice of silver and gilt and my C???? of 
silver Item I bequeth to the high aulter of saint Warbrois church in Bristowe for tithes and offerings 
forgoten vi s viii d And to the moder church of Worcesere xii d Also I willt hat an honest preest shall
sing before my Wif in saint Warbrois church in Bristowe by the space of an hoole yere and he to have 
for his Salary vi l Also I bequeth to my wif Scolast alle such goods of hir owne that she had 
before the tyme and the tyme of our mariage that was not given nor spent before the tyme and h??re 
of my departing aswell hir plate as other iowells as Rings girdells beds and owches houshold
as beddyng naprye clothing with other stuff of houshold being hir owne before the tyme of oure 
mariage Also I will that she have an C l in money to be delivered unto hir at such tyme as she 
shall make deliverannce of such Stuff as I have ordeyned to be delivered to my children and myn exe
cutours by this my present testament to be departed to my ii Sonnes Henry and younger John
Esterfeld to be delivered wtin viii dayes next next after my moneth mynd that is to saye at that daye 
an C l Also I will that myn executours deliver unto hir within xii monethes after my monethes 
mynd ? l of good detts of the lyve and that daye xii monethes other ??? of the same good detts of the 
lyve to the terme for full and hoole bequest to hir of this my present testament Also I will that 
myn executours paye the Rent of my dwelling howse for an hoole yere after my decesse and they to 
have the Eisement of the Celers to the same place belonging and also of A Chambre called the PARsons 
chambre Also I will that my said Wif Scolast have during her lif after the first yere of my 
decesse suche STate as I have in my dwelling place so that she be disposed to dwell therin hir self 
or ells not ?he paiyng for the Rent as I do that is to saye to Sir John Rodney knight by the yere 
iiii l and she to fynd Reparacions Also she to have my gardeyn in saint Leonards lane as long as 
she dwelleth in my said house Also and my Wif will not kepe and hold in hir hands the house 
that longeth to saint Warbrois church which I hold and paye therfor by the yere xiii s iiii d I will
that myn Executours restore it to the church ageyn Also I bequeth to maister John Esterfeld
my Son Chanon of saint Georgs chapell within the eascell of Windesore iii of my best gownes 
furred with such as shall please him best to ?h??? And a gobelet gilt wt a cover to the same 
weiyng xviii uncs and iii garts A basyn and an Ewer of silver weiyng ??? uncs Also I be 
queith to him my best coverpayne otherwise called a bredecloth Also I bequeith to my Son
Henry Esterfeld my best coverlet of Ares work the which I had of maister Foster and a fether 
bed with a bolster and ii pylowes garnesshed Item I gif unto him a Psaulterboke and a matens
boke and my best cheyne of gold with the Crosse ther unto belonging and a paire of complete 

harneys And in potts pannys basyns Ewers and pewter vessell the value of iiii mrks and my 
clothe presse to pak in clothes Also a good flok bed with a bolster and in likewise a matras with
a bolster Also I bequeith to him ii newe howses that I made in Smalstrete wherin John Jamsye 
and William Hurst nowe dwellen in And if he dye withoute heirs of his body lawfully begoten 
Then they ii howses to remayne to my yong Son John Esterfeld and to his heirs And if he dye
wtoute heirs then to my daught Jane Poppheyne and to hir heirs Also I bequeth if he doo 
mary in my lif dayes I Will geve unto him in money ??? in plate xxx l aft iii s iiii d the unce
In Iron ?? ton price the ton v mrks which amounteth to ?????????? And if he mary not in 
my life dayes then if he hereaft my decesse wisely and discretely by the admisement of my Son
maister John Esterfeld and myn Executours Then I will that he receyve of them to his mariage 
in mony plate and Iron as is afore rehersed Also I will that he have my State in Richard Hobbs
howse and also in my gardeyns that is to sey oon that Genet Boole holdeth by the yere above 
the Rent xviii d Also another that John Wassh labourer holdeth price by the yere viii s and aft
the decesse of my wif or ells after hir departing from my howse that I nowe dwell in Smalstrete
another gardeyn in saint Leonards Lane vi s viii d Also I gyve and bequeith to my yong Son 
John Esterfeld Cx l that is to sey in plate xxx l and ???? that is in thands of his maistr David 
Philip alias david cogan Also my best fetherbed that lieth in my greate chambre and my fyne 
coverlet of old ares also a powche of purpull velvet the Rings of silver parcell gilt and a girdyll
harneised with silvr longing to the same and a cheyne of gold with a Sang??arye also my best 
matens boke covred with velvet and a paire of Ambre beds and iii of my best lyned gownes 
and in potts pannys basyns Ewers and pewter vessell the value of iiii ??? Also I will that 
he have alle the lands that his moder bequeithed him by hir testament that is to sey a house
with theapprtennces in Templestrete wherin William Naleman late dwelled and a gardeyn
in the olde market place which John Spencer Mercer nowe holdeth the Rent therof saufly to 
be kept in the hands of my Son maister John Esterfeld till he be of lawfull age with the 
Evidence of the same Lands to him PERteynyng Also I will that he have to him and to the 
heirs of his body lawfully begoten the Howse in Templestrete that I late purchaced and 
newe bielded next to Maltmans howse And if he dye withoute heirs then the said howse 
and gardeyn to my Son Henry Esterfeld and to his lawfull heirs And if he dye withoute 
lawfull heirs then the said howses to remayne to my daught and to hir lawfull heire male 
which lakkyng to hir daught longest lyving If they alle dye then the same howses and 
gardeyns to remayne to the Almeshowses of the iii kings of coleyn Also I gyve to him A
flokk bed with a matresse a bolster Also I bequeith to my Son Henry and to my yongest 
Son John Esterfeld alle my Weybernes with all my Weights of lede to be delivered bitwen
them both by myn Executours indifferently And I will that they both have alle my Rings of 
gold and signetts of gold to be Devided bitwene theym by maister John Esterfeld my Son Also alle
other of my houshold belonging to my howse parlowre betre and ketchyn alle my chambres as bankers
coshyns hangs harneis pai??s and speris cofert of and in chambres of my owne Cupbords glasses in 
wyndowes and bataments with alle the tables trestells and fournes steyned clothes and my benne of 
laten in my hall with alle other apparell in my howse of my owne not bequeithed I will that it be 
devided betwixt my Son Henry and my yongest Son John and my dought Jane Or ells that the same 
stuff be sold and the money therof to be devided bitwene them 
  Also I gyve ????
  Henry alle my???
  shirts and ????
  and my ?????
Also I bequeith to Robert Poppham 
xvi l that he oweth unto me in redy money and a ton of Iron price iiii l ?????? Also I bequeith 
unto William Grevell srvannt at lawe Recorder of Bristowe John Esterfeld Clerks Henry Esterfeld 
John Esterfyld my Sonnes John Rowland Richard Hoby merchannts Thomas Hardying comyn 
clerk of the towne aforesaid and John Knottyng the Reversion of vii Messuags and ii parcells of land
used with fullers Rakks with their appurtenncs for and being in the parisshe of the holy crosse 
of temple in the towne aforesaid And of a mesuage set in a Strete called Marshstrete which Alice
Wiccham nowe holdeth for terme of hir lif And the Reversion of ii parts of that mesuage with the 
appurtenncs set in Cornestrete of the said town which Agnes Weston Wydowe nowe holdeth for time
of hir lif To have and to hold and PERceyve the said Revrsions of the forsaid mesuags lands tenements 
And also the same mesuags lands and tents with thapprtenncs immediatly when it falleth after the 
deth of the Alice Wicham and Agnes Weston tot he said William Grevell John Esterfeld clerks Henry
Esterfeld John Esterfeld the yonger John Rowland Richard Hoby Thomas Harding and John
Knottyng their heirs and assignees forevermore therof to execute and fulfille diverse devises and

and Intencions conteyned and specified in Indentures by me made wherof the date is the xx th daye 
of Decembre after the strenght fourme tenoure and effect of the said Indentures Also I will
that afore my decesse my Executours or their assignees have in their Rule and possession alle my
boks of detts alle my obligacions and bills obligatory and also alle my keys of alle my Cellers 
with alle the Salt therin and to sell my mrchandise to the moost value and to dispose the money 
therof in good werks and in the Execution of this my will aforesaid Strictly charging them 
that the charitably aggree togeders so that noo thing be doon but by either consent and namly 
by the consent of my principall Executour hereafter to be named The Executours of this 
my will I make and ordeyne maister John Esterfeld my eldest Son and John Vaughan and 
my Son to be content for his labour with such bequests as I have made unto him in this pnt
testament And I will that John Vaughan oon of myn Executours have for his labour x l
in Redy money The Residue of my goods not bequeithed I gif to myn Executours to 
dispose to the pleasure of god as they think best for the welth of my Soule and in especiall
to have Remembrannce to the Almashowse Yoven the daye and yere above written Thise 
bering witnesse Sir Richard Wode Parson of saint Warbrois of Bristowe aforesaid John
Rowland William Lane merchannts of the said towne and many other

Probatum fuit suprascruptum testamentum coram duo apud Lamehith

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