1 August 1680 Will of John Durell, doctor of divinities (proved 2 July 1683)

The original document can be obtained online from The National Archives.

Source: TNA, PROB 11/373

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John Durell Dr of Divinities
and Deane of the Kings Free Chapell within his Maties castle of Windsor sound
both of body and minde at this present by Gods blessing but knowing and considering that
death is a Debt incumbent upon every man indispensibly owe to pay and that the time
of that payment is uncertaine and may come every moment being knowned of God alone
I therefore does thinke it fitt being thus disposed while God gives mee time and oppertunity
lest some unexpected accident hinder mee to dispose of my body and estate in manner
following For as for my soule I trust to God who has created it and redeemed it through
the blood of Christ my Saviour that hee will take it to himselfe and make it eternally
happy in heaven above for his deare sonne Jesus his sake our Lord and that I through
his grace I shall die as I have lived in the beleefe and profession of the Protestant
Religion by Law established in the Church of England the best constituted in my indg??
of all the reformed churches next I desire my Executrix to allw mee decent and christian
buriall according to the rights of the said Church of England if I dye within this realme
or according to the rights of any Protestant Church where God shall please to call
mee to bee interr'd there without Pompe or vanity laying upon my grave a flat
tombestone with this inscription Johannes Durell S.Th:D Rgij Windsoriensis ?????
Decanus hi???aret bea??m ex?ectaris resurectionem And as for the estate wch God has
been pleased to bestow upon mee I have already long agoe given among my sisters that
wch did belong to mee of my fathers Inheritance in Jersey And now I give to the Quire
men of Windsor Chappell as also to the other Colledge servants ???? Sexton and ????
the sume of Twenty nobles and to the Poore of both the Castle and Town of Windsor
    of Five pounds Item Five pounds to the Quire men of the Cathedrall Church of Durham
and the like summe to the poore people of the Towne there which foure summes I will
that my Executrix within convenient time the soonest shee can pay to the respective Deanes
and Chapters of each place to bee by them distributed according to their discretion And

I give also the sum of five pounds to the poore people of Woolvenhampton in Staffordsheire to bee paid as above said to
All??ree the now Preacher there or to the preacher for the time being to bee distributed by his
discretion Also to the poore people of Overton parish in Hampsheire the summe of Fifty shillings
to bee paid to the Vicar for the time being to bee distributed by him and the church wardens there among
the Poore of the said parish I give them noe more because I have given them yearly the same
sume all along since I had Overton but first of all I appoint all my just and lawfull debts to bee
paid (if I have any) Item I give to my only deare sonne Henry Durell all my Studdy of books
and one hundred pounds in money wch I desire my deare wife his mother to keepe for him till hee
bee of Age or bee married with her consent and by her advice And I leave him noe more
because I will have him to depend wholly upon his Mother to whom I give all the remainder of
my estate whatever it is, not doubting but shee will leave all to him, if as a dutyfull child hee
bee advised by her in all things and not venture upon any businesse without her counsell and
approbacon which I charge him to doe upon my blessing specially in marrying when hee is
fitt for that the reason why I leave and give and bequeath her the remainder of my estate as
I doe by this my last Will and Testament is because shee has as much right to it in equity
as my selfe in as much as by her thrift and discreet management of my yearely Incombe and
what shee brought to mee she has helpt to save and put up the small estate I leave only
I recommend to her my good mother to releive her according to her want shee may bee in
and her owne discretion if shee bee liveing after my death and in case which God forbid our
only deere sonne Henry should depart this life before her and without lawfull Issue I desire
my said deare wife to settle all our saidestate upon mine and her kindred on every side equally
but yet according to her owne discretion as to the PARticular PERsons and as shee shall see
cause Provided that underthe name of Kindred bee only understood mine and her brothers
sisters nephews and neeces and no others And I desire Mr Joh: Brisbon my ????nt and
true freind at Secretary of the Admiraltie to bee Assistant in all hee can to my said deare
wife and also my wifes brother Mr Joh: Maximilian del'Anay Prebundary of the
Cathedrall Church of Canterbury both whom I desire to bee Overseers of this my
last will and Testament whereof I appoint my said deare wife Mary sole Executrix
And I desire her to give her brother of Ja??? if hee outlives mee and to those two gentlemn
last named if they outlive mee likewise twenty nobles a peece to buy them rings to weare for
my sake And the Lords will bee done of mee and ???e Amen at?????y in Oxfordsheire
Aprill the first one thousand six hundred eighty in the one and thirtieth yeare of the
reigne of our Sovreigne Lord King Charles the second of England Scotland France and
Ireland King Defender of the Faith &c          I does revoke all former wills if any
I have made  John Durell
I give and bequeath also to all and every one of theose that shall bee actually in my Service
at the time of my decease one whole year of their wages  John Durel  Signed Sealed and
published in the prsence of A Durel ?? D? L angle Isaac Lion

Bee it remembered that this day August the twentieth
eight one stylo now being at Paris in the way to Bourbon  whether I am sent for my
health I doe confirm my above written will which in the leafe joyned with this in all and
every thing therein contained express't in this that instead of my brother John Maximilion
De Lough I put in his room and stead Mr Anthony Guidet my specially good Freind
And in case my wife should die before mee or appoint noe others I doe appoint both Mr John
Brisbon above named and the said Mr Anthony Guidot the Executors of this my last
Will and Testament and doe ent??ate them to take care of my sonns Educacon to have him
brought up in the feare of God and in some honest way of liveing      These words
interlined or appoint noe others were inserted before the ensealing hereof  John Durell  sealed in the prsence
of Richard Bell Susanna King George Evans witnesse

Probatum fuit
[this paragraph continues in latin and appears to grant admon at London to]
Maria Durel vidua Relicta et Executris
[on 2 July 1683]
secundo die mensis July Anno Dni millimo sexcesimo octogenis tertio

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