23 March 1735 Will of George Duke of Andover, Hampshire (proved 12 November 1736)

The original document can be obtained online from The National Archives.

Source: TNA, PROB 11/680

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I George Duke of Andover in the County
of Southampton Gent do make and declare this my last Will
and Testament in manner following First I will that my debts
and Funeral Expences be paid and discharged And I hereby
Charge all my reall and Personal Estate with the payment
thereof Item I give and devise unto my Son George his Heirs
and Assigns all those two Meadows with the Appurtences in
Andover lately purchased of Mr Joseph Hinxman and all
those Lands called Bowlands with the Appurtenances in the
Common Fields of Andover late Blakes Item I desire that my Friends
Thomas Earle Esqr Thomas Gatshouse Esqr and Dr Duke to accept of
a ring of a Guinea Value each as an acknowledgment of the great
respect and Civility to me And I do desire Mr William Hunt to
Accept of another ring of the same Value Item I give unto my
Dear Mother Five Guineas and to my Father in Law Edward
Hanson and my Mother Hanson Five Guineas each Item I
give unto my Son George All my Books and Plate Except the
Gold Watch which I give unto my Daughter Jane with all her
Mothers Apparell Item I give unto my Dear Brother Robert
Duke and to my Brother in Law Edward Hanson ten Guineas
apeice Item I give unto the said Robert Duke and Edward
Hanson All my Leasehold Estates Houses and Lands with the
Leases thereof and all other my Personal Estate whatsoever
In trust that they may Sell and dispose of the same in their
own discretion for the use and benefit of my Five Children
George Jane Robert Edward and Thomas equally to be
deivided between them Share and Share alike my Daughters Share
to be payable the the day of Marriage or Age of One and
twenty years which shall first happen Provided that such
Marriage be with the Consent and Approbation of my Extors
in trust herein after appointed and not otherwise And my
all Sons Shares to be payable at their respective Attainment
to the Age of One and twenty years and the Interest and
Proceed of their Fortunes to go to their Support & Maintenance

And in case any of my Sons dye before their attainment to
the Age of One and twenty years or my Daughter dye before
such Age or Marriage with Consent as aforesaid then his
her or their Shares to go to and be divided between the
Survivors equally Nevertheless I do hereby declare my Will
and meaning is that it shall and may be Lawfull to and
for my said Executors to Apprentice out all or any of my
said Sons and to pay for such Apprenticeship or Clerkship
any Sum in their own Discretion not Exceeding the Sum of
One hundred pounds to be paid and allowed out of such
Childs respective Fortune And I do hereby Will Order and
declare that neither of my said Executors shall be any wise
accountable in Law or Equity for the Act or Deed of the other
nor either of them be answerable for any Loss that may
in the Execution of this Trust happen But it shall be
Lawfull for them to reimburse himself and themselves all
such Costs Expences or Damages which they or either of
them shall bear Sustain or be put to for or by reason of
trust hereby in them reposed And I do hereby make
Ordain and Appoint the said Robert Duke and Brother
Edward Hanson Joynt Executors of this my last will and
Testament In Witness whereof I have hereunto sett my hand
and Seal the twenty third day of March One thousand
seven hundred and thirty Five  Geo Duke  Signed Sealed
Published and declared to be the last Will and Testament of the
above named George Duke the Testator in the Presence of us who
have hereunto Subscribed our names as Witnesses at his request
and in his Presence  Jane Andrews  Sarah Batchelor
Saml Andrews

                        17 April 1736

I make this a Codicill to my Will Vizt I give unto my
Daughter Jane all my Linnen and a Chest of Drawers  Geo

                        24th May 1736

I George Duke Gent do give and bequeath unto my Sister
Mary the Wife of Mr John Bowles and to my Nephew
Samuel Andrews the Sum of Five Guineas apeice And to the
two Maid Servants that shall be Living with me at the time
of my decease One Guinea apeice to be paid to them respectively
by my Executors imediately after my decease to buy them
Mourning And I do appoint this is as a Codicill and to
be taken as part of my last Will and Testament  Geo Duke
Witness  Jane Duke

                        10th of November 1736

Appeared Peronally William Hunt of New Inn in the

County of Middlesex and Edward Gale of New Inn aforesaid
Gentlemen and made Oath that they well knew and were
Acquainted with George Duke late of Andover in the County
of Southampton deceased for many years before and to the
time of his death and during such time have often seen
him write and Subscribe his name and thereby became
well Acquainted with his manner and Character of Hand
Writing and having now seen and perused a Codicill wrote
at the foot or bottom of his last Will and Testament of the
Tenor following  17 Aprill 1736  I make this a Codicill to
my Will Vizt I give unto my Daughter Jane all my Linnen
and a Chest of Drawers  Geo Duke  Say and depose that
they verily believe the same and the name Geo Duke sett
and subscribed thereto to be all of the proper hand Writing of
him the said George Duke deceased And having likewise seen
and perused the Name Geo Duke set and Subscribed to a
paper Writing marked No 2 Purporting a Codicill to the
Will of the said deceased and dated the twenty fourth day
of May One thousand Seven hundred and thirty Six and
hereto Annexed they say and depose that they verily believe
the same Geo Duke set and Subscribed thereto to be of the
proper hand Writing of him the said Duke deceased  Willl
Hunt Edward Gale

                The same day the said William Hunt and
                Edward Gale were Sworn to the trust of this
                attestation before me J Andrew Surrogate

This Will was proved at London with two Codicills
Annexed the twelfth day of November in the year of Our
Lord One thousand Seven hundred and thirty Six before the
Right Worshipfull John Bettesworth Doctor of Laws Master
Keeper or Commissary of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury
lawfully constituted by the Oaths of Robert Duke Esqr the
Brother and Edward Hanson Executors in the said Will named
to whom Administration was granted of all and Singular the
Goods Chattells and Creditts of the said deceased being first
Sworn by Commission duly to Administer

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