1 June 1643 Will of Mary Cutts of St Sepulchres, London (proved 29 March 1652)

The original document can be obtained online from The National Archives.

Source: TNA, PROB 11/221

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In the name of God Amen
I Mary Cutts widow being in good health and perfect memory thankes be given
to Almighty god Doe make and ordaine this my last will and testament this first
day of June one thousand six hundred Forty and three in manner and forme
following First I bequeath to soule into the blessed hands of my Lord and Savior
Jesus Christ who hath deerely bought it hopeing by ^  meritorious death and			^ his
resurrection to obteine everlasting glory and salvation in heaven with him his
elect angells and holy Saints My body I bequeath to the earth whereof it is made
to be buried in St Sepulchres Church by my husband Thomas Cutts And that
tenn pounds shalbe spent for my funerall at the discretion of my executrix and
Overseers hereafter named Item I give to Joseph Stockdale my Sisters sonne
twenty shillings To the Lady Mordant my Sisters daughter five shillings To
Elizabeth Finneux another of my Sisters daughters five shillings And to
Dorothy Finneux her daughter twenty shillings                     Item
I give to Katherine Hart widow Forty shillings To her three daughters twenty
shillings apeece To Henry Hillam five poundes to be paid him within two
monthes after my decease But if he happen to dye before the end of the said two
monthes it shalbe to the rest of his Children to be equally devided amongst them
To William Folcover twenty shillings if he doth overlive me To Toogood the
Porter five shillings Item I give to Hannah Sackary ^ tenn poundes but if shee			^ daughter of Francis
happen to dye before shee attaine to the age of fifteene yeares Then my will is		 	  Sackary
that her sister Elizabeth shall have it Item I give to George Cresley dwelling

in feild lane three poundes To Thomas Anris eldest sonne of Edward Arris
Chirurgeon twenty shillings To the poore of the parish of St Sepulchre without
Smithfeildbarrs in the County of Midd twenty shillings to be distributed unto
them or such a number of them as by the discretion of my overseers hereafter
named shalbe thought fitt and needefull either in mony foode or rayment
Item I give to John Clifton forty shillings and to Isabell Clifton five shillings To
Mary Clifton George Barton and Robert Taylor tenn shillings a peece
To laine Roger five shillings And to Mary Richardson five shillings Item I
give more to the said Bartholomew Cresley one fetherbed one boulster one
pillow one rugg one pillow beere one paire of sheetes one truncke one hatt????
one dripping pann one spitt one pewter quart pott one pewter candlesticke
one greene chaire Item I give to John Cliftons wife one trundle bedd one
matris one flocke bedd one boulster one matt one new washing bowle one
furred coate one smocke petticoate one blew apron one yellow washcoate ^ Item 			^ one smock
I give to James Guy Mr Harriotts servant five shillings To Sara Roper one
ruffe band And to Mrs Mallett widow five shillings Lastly I doe make and
ordaine Mary Butler now liveing with me my full and sole executrix of this
my last will and testament And I doe appoint Mr henry Harriott and
Mr Francis Sackary my Overseers thereof desireing them for Christ his sake
to see the same duely and truly observed to their best endeavour and care
And for the good they have donne me and comfort I have received at their
hands in many things in my life time and in respect of the care to be performed
by them in seeing this my last will and testament to be duely performed I doe
bequeath to the said Henry Harriott forty shillings in mony and my gold
ring called a pease ring And to the said Francis Sackary five poundes in
mony In wittnes whereof (revokeing all former wills by me made I hvve to
this my last will and testament sett my marke at the foott of ever leafe and my
seale to a labell at the topp of them which bindeth them altogether being two
in number M: Read to her the said mary Cutts, and signed and sealed by
her, in the presence of us, Henry Harriott, John Clifton, James Guy

The nyne and twentieth day of March in the yeare of our Lord god one
thousand six hundred fifty two issued a Comission to William Collins the
naturall and lawfull Uncle of George Collins the next of kine of Mary Cutts
late whilst shee lived of the parish of St Sepulchres london deceased haveing 
goods &c To administer the goods chattells and debts of the said deceased
according to the tenor and effect of the said deceaseds will dureing the
minority of the said George noe executor being in h?? sayd will named
hee the said administrator being first legally sworne truly to administer

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