6 February 1563 Will of Maude Chester of Bristol (proved 3 November 1564)

The original document can be obtained online from The National Archives.

Source: TNA, PROB 11/47

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In the name of god amen In the yere of oure lorde god 1563 The vith daie
of ffebruary I mawde Chester widdow weake in body and notwithstanding stronge in mynde doe
willinglie and wt a free harte ??dre and give againe into the handes of my lorde my god my spirit
which he of his fatherly goodnes gave unto me when he fasshioned this my body in my mothers wobe
nothing doubting but that my lorde god for his mercies sake in the death and passion of his deerely
beloved sonne Jesus Christ ower alo?? saviour and redemer will receyve my soule into his glory
As concerning my body which wt a good will and free hartt I give over commending yt into the
earth wherof yt came nothing doubting but that according to tharticle of ower faith at the greate
daie of the fenerall resurrection when wee shall all appeare before the Judgment feat of god I shall
receyve yt againe by the mighty power of god not a corruptible mortall weake and vile body as
yt is nowe but an incorruptible ymmortall stronge perfect and in all poyntes like unto the glorious
body of ower lorde and saviour Jesus Christe I will therfore that yt by entyred and buried in the
Church of Saint Thomas by the body of mr william pykes somtime my deare husband in the 
Lorde wt such funerall order and obsequies as becommeth my Christian calling  Item I will
that some lerned mynister and preacher be provided there and then to preach gods most holly woorde
to the edyfying and instruction of Christes members the holly and Catholike Church  Item that there
be given to xx? poore men xx? friese gownes and in likewise to so manny women the like  Item I
bequeath to the poore of Brystowe twenty poundes to be paied at my buriall or wtin one moneth after  Item
I bequeathe to Johane Bysse the younger one fetherbed wt aflocke bedd shetes covering and all to a bedd belonging
Item I bequeath to her my sondaie salte and six silver spoones the working daie spoons  Item I bequeath to the
daughter of one John Sheperde Chandler forty shillings  Item to the saide Sheperd her father forty shill
ings and a friese gowne  Item I bequeath to maistas Rowlande my sadd colloured Cassocke garded with
velvet  Item to goodwief Pryssey a moorening cassocke and forty shillings  Item to Eliner ffry I bequeath six
poundes xii ? iii ? a moorening cassocke and a great panne  Item to Saules wief of Clifton?d a moorning cassocke
Item I bequeath to every mayde of my house a ffrocke or Cassock as they like of my fine friese  Item I be
queath to Johane Longe a moorening cassocke with one portigne of golde  Item to John Bysses wief a moore
ning cassocke  Item to goodwief Broadnane a friese cassocke and in monney twenty shillings  Item to willm
Chester the hangings in the parlor and in the halle  Item to mr Oenge a spice dishe  The reste of my
goodes unbequethed or not bequeathed my debtes paied and my legacyes fulfylled I give to Walter Pykes my
onlie sonne and Cicely Hagget wyddow my only daughter whome I make and constitute my full and lawfull
executors    Memorand that the said testatrix after the making of her will and testament spoke and
saied thes woordes or the like in effect viz she gave unto Mary Wigmore twenty poundes out of the hundreth
poundes which shoulde ???eve and come unto here by the legacie of her late sonne John Pykes  witnes
Walter Pykes Cicly Hattet and Katherin Pykes                   Welthyan and Ellyn servantes to the a-
bovenamed m? Chester

Probatum fuit [this paragraph continues in Latin and appears to grant probate
on 3 November 1564]
tercio die mensis Novembris Anno Domini Millimo quingen Sexagesimo quarto
[to] Walteri Pikes [and] Cicilie Hagget 

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