31 May 1813 Will of Sophia Carter of Portsmouth, Hampshire (proved 15 October 1817)

The original document can be obtained online from The National Archives.

Source: TNA, PROB 11/1597

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This is the last Will
and Testament of me Sophia Carter of Portsmouth in the
County of Southampton Spinster whereby I humbly commend
my soul to God and dispose of all my worldly Estate and Effects in manner
hereinafter mentioned whereas in and by the last will & testament
of my late Father Sir John Carter deceased bearing Date the
twenty third day of February one thousand seven hundred and
ninety two he gave all his Estates and property he then had or
might have at the time of his decease both real and personal
wheresoever situated unto his trustees thereinafter named with
full power and authority to sell mortgage or dispose of the same
directing that they should pay and discharge all debts or
incumbrances that might be due from him at the time of his
decease and that they should likewise have power to sell
or dispose of his share or shares of any business he might
be connected in under the Firm of William Pike & Company
or any other Firm thereby to prevent any trouble or inconvenience
to his said partners Trustees Guardians or Executors by reason
of any Child or Children he might leave under the age of
twenty one years and further directing that if any of his real
or personal Estates or property after discharging his debts should
remain unsold his said trustees should have full power to sell or

dispose of the same to the best advantage and to lay out
the monies arising therefrom on any security or securities
they should approve to be divided as thereafter directed and the
said Testator thereby gave and bequeathed to his wife Dorothy
all his household Furniture Plate Linen and China and wine
for her own use and benefit and likewise the sum of one
hundred pounds to be paid as therein mentioned and the
rest residue and remainder of his Effects both real & personal
he gave and bequeathed between his said wife and the
Child or Children he had or might have by her to be
equally divided share and share alike as Tenants in
Common and not as joint Tenants with such further directions
respecting the same as are therein contained and the said
Testator thereby nominated and appointed his said wife
Henry Bonham Esquire of Petersfield since deceased and
Arthur Atherley Esquire of Southampton his trustees Executors
and Guardians to his said Child or Children that he might
leave at the time of his death with full power to act in any
respect as the said Testator during his lifetime and after
giving further directions concerning his Copartners hi?? property
by a Codicil to his said Will bearing date the twentieth day
of February one thousand seven hundred and ninety four
the said Testator by another Codicil thereto bearing date the ninth day of
December one thousand eight hundred and seven reciting
that since the making of his said will his two Daughters
Ann and Susannah were married to Captain Eveleigh
and Captain Giffard on whom he had settled enpart of
his Freehold Estates one hundred pounds annually to
each of them directed that the said Charge of one hundred
pounds per year was to be part of what might come to
them at his death under his said will and his other Children
were to be entitled to one hundred pounds per year each
of his said property to be on the same Footing as his said
Daughters and the said Testator thereby further directed
that if either of his Children then living should be married
and leave Child or Children the said Child or Children
should be entitled to their Father or Mothers share that
is one sixth part of his property except should his wife
survive him that she was to be entitled to one hundred
pounds per annum during her life and at her decease to
come equally to his said Children which during her life
would be one seventh part as by his will she was to be equal
to each of his Children and further directed that what his said
wife should take as her share or part of his property at her
death was to be equally divided to his Child or Children
or their heirs as therein before mentioned as by the said recited
Will and Codicils proved in the Prerogative Court of the
Archibiship of Canterbury reference being thereto had
will now fully appear and whereas my said Father departed
this life leaving my Mother the said Dorothy Carter and six

Children him suriving namely Ann Evelegh Susannah
Giffard Dorothy Carter Mary Carter who has since intermarried
with Mr Edward Carter John Carter and myself and whereas
I am desirous of giving myshare and Interest of and in the
said Property Estates and Effects and of and in the Profits & increase
arising therefrom and of and in any purchase or purchases
made thereby to my said Mother for her life and after her
decease unto and amongst my said Brother and Sisters in
such manner that their respective parts may go with their
own original shares of and in such property Now I do therefore
hereby give devise and bequeath all my share & Interest 
whatsoever of and in the Property Estates and Effects given
and devised by and comprised in the Will of my said Father
and of and in the profits and increase arising therefrom and
of and in any purchase or purchases made thereby unto
my said Mother for and during the term of her natural
life and from and immediately after her decease I give
devise and bequeath the same unto my said Brother and
Sisters to be equally divided between them share and share
alike as Tenants in Common and not as joint Tenants and their
several and respective heirs Executors and admors and assigns
but if either of them my said Brother and Sisters shall leave
any Child or Children it is my will that such Child or Children
shall be entitled to their Father or Mothers share Provided
always and my will is that nothing herein contained
shall be construed to lessen abridge or affect the powers and
authorities of the trustees for the time being under the will
of my said Father to sell and dispose of the proprty thereby
devised or to manage the same and all the residue and
remainder of my real and personal Estate and Effects after
payment of my debts Funeral Expences and the Costs of proving
this my will and the Expences incidental to the execution
thereof I give devise and bequeath unto my said Mother
her heirs and Executors admors and assigns for ever and I do
hereby nominate and appoint my said Mother the said
Arthur Atherley and my said Brother Executors of this my
Will and Lastly I do hereby revoke and make void all former
and other wills by me made and declare this only to be & contain
my last will and Testament In Testimony whereof I the said
Sophia Carter have hereto set my hand and seal that is to say
my hand to the two sheets hereto annexed and my hand &
seal hereto this thirty first day of May in the year of our Lord
one thousand eight hundred and thirteen Sophia Carter  LS
Signed sealed published and declared by the said Sophia
Carter the Testatrix as and for her last Will & testament upon
the day of the date in the presence of us who in her presence
in the presence of each other and at her request have subscribed
our names as Witnesses hereto  Susanna Carter  Charles [Hentler?]
Mary Wells

Proved at London 15th October 1817 before the Judge by the Oaths of
Arthur Atherley Esqr and John Carter Esquire the surviving Exors
to whom admon was granted having been first sworn duly to admr

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