28 July 1882 Will of Julia Pike Callucci of Poole (proved 22 Oct 1883)

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BE IT KNOWN, that Julia Pike Callucci
formerly of Poole in the County of Dorset
but late of Laurel Bank Exeter Road
Bournemouth in the County of Southampton widow
deceased, who died on the 29th day of June 1883
at Laurel Bank aforesaid

        , made and duly executed her last Will and Testament
        and did therein name John Seager and
George Gatheral Executors who now
reside at Constantinople in Turkey,

AND BE IT FURTHER KNOWN, that at the date hereunder written, Letters of
Administration with the Will
        of the personal estate of the said Julia Pike
Callucci deceased
were granted by Her Majesty's High Court of Justice at the Principal Registry
of the Probate Division thereof to Frederick Edgar Van
Sandan of No 13 King Street Cheapside
in the City of London Solicitor the lawful
Attorney of the siad John Seager and George
Gatheral for their use and benefit and until they shall
duly apply for and obtain Probate of the said Will to
be granted to them
        having been first sworn well and faithfully to administer the same.
        Dated the 22nd day of October 1883
        Gross value of personal estate, L112 4 4

This is the last Will and Testament
of me Julia Pike Callucci of Poole in the County of Dorset
shire I hereby revoke all wills and testamentary instruments heretofore
by me made I appoint John Seagar of Constantinople and George
Gatheral of Constantinople to be the Executors of this my will I direct
my executors to pay my just debts and funerl and testamentary expenses
I give and bequeath the interest of my money at five per cent now in
the hands of John Seager of Constantinople to my sister Sarah Rolfe
for her life and at her death the principal to be divided as follows
The deeds for the security of the said property on my behalf are held
by George Gatheral of Constantinople Ten pounds as a remembrance
to my nieces Ellen Pack Parry, Julia Ann Woodward, Frederica
Carrington Ward, Amy Chatfield Ann Carter Sophia Graindorge
Seager, Dorothy Adey and to Mary Ellen Austin The remainder to be
equally divided between my nephews John Seager and Robert Pack
Seager and my niece Frances Olivia Gatheral or to their heirs  To James Morrison
Seager 12 table spoons 4 salt spoons To Henry Thomas Morse Adey
12 dessert spons 6 egg spoons To Matthew Henry Seager Butcher
1 gravy spoon 1 pr plan sugar tongs To Mark      Butcher 2 sauce

spoons 1 butter knife 1 gravy spoon To John Seager 1 butter knife 1 pr sugar
tongs 1 fish slice 13 tea spoons To Frances Olivia Seager a silver tea
pot To be distributed after the death of my sister Sarah Rolfe
Signed by the above named Julia Pike Callucci July 28th 1882
as her last will in the presence of us both present at the same time
who in her presence and in the presence of each other have hereunto subscribed
our names as witnesses  Rebecca Dracott Brighton July 28th 1882
Emma Showler Aylesbury July 28th 1882

On the 22nd Octr 1883 Admon with this will annexed of
the Effects of the Testator was granted to Frederick Edgar Van
Sandau the lawful Attorney of John Seager and George
Gatheral the Executors who now reside at Constantinople.

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