21 April 1693 Will of Roger Butt of Crockers Cove, Newfoundland (proved 23 January 1700)

Source: TNA, PROB 11/459

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In the Name of God Amen
First I give and bequeath my Soul unto God Almighty who gave it
me and secondly I do comit my body unto the Earth the place from
whence it came and there to be buried in Christian manner in hope
of the resurrection First I give unto my Eldest son John Butt the
sume of ten pounds Secondly I give unto my son Roger Butt the
sume of ten pounds Thirdly I give unto my son William Butt the
sume of eighty pounds Fourthly I give unto my son George Butt
the sume of one hundred pounds And fifthly I give unto my son
Joseph Butt the sume of one hundred and forty pounds Sixthly
I give unto my Grandaughter Elizabeth Daw the sume of Five
pounds Seventhly I give unto my son Joseph the Bed and 
furniture I lye in my selfe And I give unto William the Middle
Room Bed with the Furniture and unto George the Truclle Bed
with the New Tick belonging to him with the Rugg and other things
belonging to it and to Roger the Bed he lyes upon and I give unto
my five Sons the Plantaton with all Goods within door and wthout 
to be divided in equall shares amongst them and that you take due
care to discharge all my debts and likewise to receive the debts 
due to me from severall people as you will find by my Bookes
And my desire is of you to carry on the Voyage with all care you
can and that you live lovingly together and that what advantage 
may be made of the Voyage after everything is paid for that you
divide equally I do order my trusty and well beloved Friend Mr
Tho Edwards in trust to see this my last Will and Testament 
performed I leave you all my blessing Witness my hand and 
Seal in Crockers Cove the 21  Day of April One thousand 
six hundred ninety three  the marke of Roger Butt
Item I give unto my Son Joseph ten pounds more Item I 
give unto my son Joseph Butt fivety pounds more which is
now in Mr John Templemans hands  est  William Pynne
Thomas Edwards

Vicesimo tertio Die mensis Januarii Anno Dni
(Stilo Anglia) Millimo septingemmo ...
... Josepho Butt minori filio ...
Rogeri Butt nuper de Newfoundland ...

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