12 March 1612 Will of James Bucke of Winterbourne, Gloucestershire (proved 6 May 1613)

The original document can be obtained online from The National Archives.

Source: TNA, PROB 11/121

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	This is the last will and Testamente of me James Bucke acknowledged by me
	so to be in the presentes of the witnesses under written  Israell Gleeson  George Bucke
	John Barss??lde  Thomas Smalwood

In the name of God amen The twelveth daie of March
in the yeare of our Lord god accordinge to the Course and Computacon of the Church
of England one thousand six hundreth and twelve I James Bucke of Winterborne in the
County of Glouc gentleman beinge weake and sicke of bodie but yet of good and
perfecte mynde and memory god be thancked Doe make and ordaine this my last will and
testamente in writinge in manner and forme followinge First I commend my Soule unto
thandes of Almightie god my Creator redeemer and sanctifier and my body to the
earth whereof yt was made to be buried in xpian buriall Item I give and bequeath to
the Cathedrall Church of the holie and undevided Trinitie of Bristoll Five shillings
Item I give unto the Petticannons and singinge men of the saide Church tenn shillings
Item I give and bequeath unto my two Daughters Alice Gleeson and Anne Guy
tenn poundes a peece in goulde Item I give and bequeath unto Margaret Meridith the
daughter of my daughter Meredith deceased tenn poundes Item whereas my sonne in
Lawe William Meridith many yeares past recovred to my use the somme of thirtie pounds
which before I lente unto our Soveraigne Lord the Kinges Matie that nowe is by vertue
of a Privie Seale and which somme so by him recovred Doeth as yet remaine in thands &
possession of my saide sonne in lawe, nowe I give and bequeath the saide some of thirtie
poundes in manner and forme followinge that is to saie I give five poundes thereof unto
Michaell Meridith, five poundes unto George Meridith, Tenn poundes unto Mary
Meridith and tenn poundes unto Ellioner Meridith the sonnes and daughters of my
saide Daughter Meridith Deceased Item I give and bequeath unto John Guy the sonne
of my Daughter Anne Guy the somme of five poundes Item I give and bequeathe unto
Margaret and Mary Guy the Daughters of my saide Daughter Anne Guy to each of them
tenn poundes a peece Item I give unto my sister Elizabeth Catchmaid a Ringe of goulde to
the value of fifteene shillinges Item I give unto the three Daughters of my said sister that
is to saie Blannch Jane and Barbara tenn shillinges a peece to every of them Item I Doe
forgive unto my kinsman Wm Catchmaide the somme of seaven poundes which he oweth unto me
Item I give unto Richard Morgann the sonn of my sister Jane Morgan Deceased the somme of five
poundes Item I give unto John Morgan one other sonne of my saide sister Jane Morgan five
poundes Item I doe give to the two daughters of my said sister Jane that is to saie Elizabeth
and Margaret five poundes a peece to each of them Item I give and bequeath to to every of my
god children Five shillinges a peece Item I give unto my kinsman Thomas Maddocke of
Blackney fortie shillinges Item I give to the poore of Winterbourne and Hambrooke the somme of

three poundes to be distributed to them the one halfe at xpstmas and the residue at Easter next after my decease
Item I Doe forgive unto my Cosen George Bucke a debte of tenn poundes which he oweth unto me for
certaine wooll by him many yeares past bought of me Item I give unto the reperacons of the PARish
Church of Winterborne twentie shillinges Item I give to the poore of Wilberton twentie shillings
and to the poore of Lydney twenty shillinges and to the poore of Awre parish twentie shillinges
Item I Doe give to the newe makeinge of the Causwey leadinge from Frogg lane Crosse to
Rowe Urcott twentie shillinges Item my will is that all my said legacies before given to
these Children shalbe paide to their parentes within one yeare next after my decease to be
by them imployed to the most benefitt of the saide Children there saide parentes giveinge
good securitie for the repaymente of the saide legacies to every of them respectivelie when
they shalbe of lawfull age to receive the same item I give to my kinsman William Gleeson
tenne shillinges Item I give to my sonne Mathewe Bucke his nowe servanntes that is to saie
William Stringe William Millard Thomas Adis Silvester     John Legge Jane
Catherine and Edith to eache of them tenn shillinges a peece Item I give to Thomas Bucke
my granndchilde five poundes and unto his Nurse Johane Large tenn shillinges Item the
residue of all and singular my goodes cattells and Chattelles which shall remayne my Debtes
legacies and funeralles honestlie and liberallie to be afforded and done I Doe give and bequeath
unto my saide sonne Mathewe Bucke whome I make constitute and ordaine my full and
whole executor of this my Last will and testamente And I Doe ordaine and appointe
overseers of this my last will and testamente to be performed in every pointe by their honest
and freindly care my lovinge sonne in lawe Israell Gleeson and my lovinge cozen George
Bucke and for their paines therein to be taken I Doe give and bequeath to each of them
three poundes in goulde a peece and I Doe by this my PREnte last will and testamente
expresly revoke annihilate and make frustrate all and singular last wills and testamentes
either in writinge or Nuncupative before the Date of these presentes by me made
establishinge this PREnte writinge in two sheetes of paper sealed with my owne seale and
subscribed to each page thereof with my owne hande writinge to be my true last
will and testamente yeaven the Day and yeare first above written James Bucke

Probatum fuit testamentum [this paragraph continues in Latin to grant probate at London
on 6 May 1613]
sexto Die mensis Maii Anno Domini millimo sexcentesimo decimo tertio
[to] Mathei Bucke filii

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