25 February 1660 Will of Elizabeth Bucke of Winterbourne, Gloucestershire (proved 26 April 1661)

The original document can be obtained online from The National Archives.

Source: TNA, PROB 11/304

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In the name of God Amen I
Elizabeth Bucke of Winterbourne in the County of Glouc ?????? (Relict and Executrix
of the last Will and Testament of Thomas Bucke Esq deceased) Doe make and ordaine this
my last Will and TEstament as Followeth First and principally I Commend my
Soule to God that gave it assuredly ????ing by the alone merritts of Jesus Christ my
Saviour and Redeemer ???????????????????????????????????????????????? And my
Body I committ to the Earth to be interred in Winterbourne Church ?????????????
of my said deceased Husband ????? of my W???ley Goods and Estate I dispose as followeth
(that is to say) I doe desier and order ??????????????????????????????ing by my

selfe and my said Husband and the Legacie by him given to my daughter Katherine
& Sonne Thomas and what Legacies by him given to others then ?? children ???? be
duely and fully paid and satisfied and I have the Land reall and personall Estate
will raise it with advantage And to that end and effect I doe desire and Constitute
my deare and loveing Cozen Thomas Chester Esq and my deare and loveing Brother
in Law Thomas Roberts Esq Executors of this my last Will and Testament ??????
hereby impower and give my full power right???? to him and the Survivors 
of them to make sale and disposall at their best discrecon of all and singular the
Lands tenemts & hereditamts ????? or appointed to be sould by my said late
Husband for rayseing and payment of his debts and Legacies And my Will and
meaning is and I doe hereby order that my said Executor and either of them
shall fully satisfie and Reimburse him and themselves out of mine Estate
by the sale of the Lands aforesaid for all Costs labour ?????? and paines of them
and either of them and of the persons imployed by them or either of them in or 
about mine affaires and business or in Relacion thereunto Item I give to my said
execrs and to my said Cozen Chesters Wife my Brother Mr James Bucke and his Wife my
Brother Mr John Bucke and his Wife my good freinds Mr Thomas Symes & his Wife
to my Father my Brother Phillip and his Wife my two Sisters Mary and Jane Langly
my Cozens George Chester and Dominick Chester to Mr Gwilliams to my Worthy
Freind John Haggatt Esq to Francis Yeomans and his Wife to Mr John Griffith
Minister of Winterborne a mourning Ring to each of them to weare in remem-
brance of me Item I give to them that shall carry me to be buried a mourning
Ring and Scarfe apeece Item I give to my said Brother in Law Mr John Bucke All
the Goods as Bords Stooles Chaires Couch and Carpetts commonly used in my
upper parlour ???tards only excepted Item I give to Alice Partridge ???????
L??del with all that belongs to it Item I give to my Cozin Ms Anne Holworthy a
mourning Ring Item I give to my Daughter Powell my Cornelian Chaine to her and
her Husband a mourning Ring apeece Item I give to the poore of Winterborne
Five pounds to be distributed at the discrecon of mine Executors Item I leave to their
discrecon the ordering of my Funerall and the charge thereof Item I give to my two
Sisters Mary and Jane Langley Fifty pounds apeece Item whereas all the money
that shall be raysed by sale of the Lands and Estate aforesaid ought to come to me
for performance of my Husbands Will I doe order and appoynt that out of y?????
after mine and my said Husbands debts and Legacies shall be raysed and satisfied
that out of the surplusage thereof there shall be paid and delivered to my daughter
Elizabeth Powell for her owne use as my Guift ?ne Hundred pounds in money
more than the eight Hundred pounds with Interest which her Husband is by Con-
tract betweene us to have as her porcon as by the writeings appearith And the
Residue of the same overplus I will shall be divided into three equall parts two of wch
three parts I give to my daughter Katherine and th'other third part to my Sonne
Thomas Item I give to the said Francis Yeomans to buy him a peece of plate
F??? pounds Item I doe Revoake and make void all former Wills and Testaments
by me hertofore made published or declared and have hereunto sett mine hand
and Seal this five and twentith day of February Anno Domini 1660 Anno?????
Car??? Sec?nd? Anglia et decimo tertio ^ I give a Ring to each of my Cozen Chestr		^ ????ke of Elizabeth Bucke
Children th?? Signed Sealed and published in the presence of us undernamed
Fra Yeomans Junior  Robt Sh????d  William Bristow

Probatum fuit Testamentum [this paragraph continues in Latin to grant probate at London
on 26 April 1661]
vicesimo sexto die mensis Aprilis Anno Domini
millesimo sexcentesimo sex??imo primo
[to] Thomas Cheat et Thoma Roberts

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