29 March 1658 Will of Thomas Buck of Winterbourne, Gloucestershire (proved 1 February 1658)

The original document can be obtained online from The National Archives.

Source: TNA, PROB 11/287

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In the name of God Amen I Thomas
Buck of Winterborne in the countie of Glouc????? being sicklie in
bodie yet of perfect mind and memorie (praysed be God for it) seriously
considering the frailtie and mortalitie of all flesh and being desireous soe
to settle mine howse in order whilest I live that when I come to die I maie have
nothing to doe but to dye Doe therefore make and ordeine my Last will & testament
and it is this as followeth First and principallie I commit and Commend my
soule to God that gave it assuredlie trusting by the alone merits and mercies of
my deer and pretious Redeemer Jesus Christ who of his eternall Love to Lost
& ??d??e??? ??????? into the world to save sinners whereof I am cheif &
by his Grace I Hope to be saved and to obteyne  Remission of all my sinnes ^ And			^ as life everlasting
my bodie I Commit to the earth to be decentlie interred at the Discrecon of mine
Executrix And of such worldlie estate as it hath pleased God to make me
Steward of I dispose thereof as followeth that is to saie First I doe nomi-
nate and appoint my deere wife Elizabeth sole and whole Executrix of this
my Last will and testament Item Whereas I and my said wife have here-
tofore Levied a fine of the state and Capitall Messuage of my Mannor of
Winterborne and divers Closes and grounds parcells of the Demesnes of the
same Mannor to Francis Yoomans of Bristoll gent and to William Knight
since deceased for the terme of ninetie yeres upon trust to be grannted &
Disposed and I and my said wife or the Survivor of us should Direct or appoint
And whereas they the said Francis and William have with the Consent disc-
etion & appointment of me & my said wife by writeing Endented (wherein we
have also ?y??? grannted a terme of eightie nine yeres thereof to Hugh

Browne Esqr deceased who regrannted the same to me at the yerelie Rent of
Fowre score pounds dureing the first Thirtie one yeres and with power of Redemp-
tion on paying in of One thowsand pounds as maie app??r And whereas I d?? by
fine and Indenture grannt & settle to & on Marie Butcher widdow for the terme of
One Thousand yeres other parcells of my Demeasne Lands of the mannor of Winter-
borne aforesaid which said Mary Butcher did afterwards assigne her said terme
& interest that it came tot he said Hugh Browne and sons by him regrannted
with the said other Lands to me by with & under the said yerelie Rent of Fowre-
score pounds ??? maie appeare Now I doe hereby restate and confirme to my
said wife (surviving me) the power of disposeing and ordering of the Lands soe Leased
and grannted to the said William Knight and Francis Yeomans as aforesaid as
amplie as she and I joinlie must doe dureing our joint Lives Nevertheless it is
my will & meaning that my said wife shall with the Consent and approbation of
my overseers herein afternamed or soe manie of them as shalbe then Living sell
???? All my said Capitall Messuage & Demeasne Lands of Witnerborne
wthin the said Fine Levied to the said William Knight and Francis Yeomans
& in a Fyne Levied to William Greene & Isreal Pownell (whereon the said
Indenture of mortgage made to the said Marie Butcher is ???ded) with their
Appertnances for the most they can get for the same and what monies shalbe
raysed by Sale thereof with other my goods and personall estate Chattles reall
and personall whatsoever shalbe paid & imployed by my said wife with the
Consent & approbation of mine Overseers as followeth (that is to saie) For
payment of all my debts & Redemption of the Lease and grannt made to Mr
Hugh Browne as aforesaid and also for Satisfaccion of my funerall Charges
& Legacies herein by me given and out of ye Residue my said wife to Reteyne to her
owne use One thowsand pounds And out of the same Overplus I give
to my daughter Elizabeth One thowsand pounds To be paid unto her when
she shall accomplish the Age of one and twentie yeres soe as she live soe long
unmarried And in Case she shall marrie in the meanetime with Consent of 
her mother she being then living or being dead then with   Consent of most
of my Overseers then living Then the same One thowsand pounds given to
my said Daughter to be paid at the daie of such her marriage But in case my
said daughter shall before she accomplish her said age marrie without Consent
as aforesaid Then I give her onlie five Hundred pounds and the same to be
paid to her at her said age of One and twentie yeres soe as she soe long live &
not otherwise And in Case my said daughter Elizabeth shall die before her
portion or portions shall grow due as aforesaid Then the same to remaine and
be paid to my Sonne Thomas if he be then living And if he be then dead to my
eldes Sonne Mathew And also out of the same overplus I give to my daugh-
ter Katharine the summe of Six hundred pounds to be paid to her when she
shall attaine her Age of one and twentie yeres in Case she soe long live other-
wise to come & be paid to my said Sonne Thomas if he be then living otherwise
to my Sonne Mathew And the Residue of the same Overplus I give to 
my said Sonne Thomas to be paid to him when he shall accomplish his full
Age of one and twentie yeres in case he soe long live and not otherwise But if
he die before that age then the same Surplusage to come to and be paid to my
said wife and daughters then living equallie betweene them And it is
neverthelesse my will & meaning that if my said personall Estate and sale
of my Lands as aforesaid shall not amount to paie my debts legacies and
Funerall Charges and to raise the beforemenconed Summes of one thowsand
pounds for my wife, One thowsand pounds for my daughter Elizabeth Six
Hundred pounds for my daughter Katherine and five Hundred pounds for my

Sonne Thomas Then an abatement to be made for what it shall come short
out of the same Legacies and gifts to my wife and daughters & sonne The?
???? proportionablie & in ?d?? proportion is the same summes soe given
??????????? by me as aforesaid  Item I will and desire that the
old House of my mannor and Lordshipp of Winterborne aforesaid with the
said Mannor or Lordshipp and the rights members and appurtenances there-
of (other then the Capitall Messuage Demesne Lands & other Lands com-
prized in the two Fines aforemenconed shall goe and descend as by ??????
on the jointure made to my said wife or otherwise by Lawe it ought And it
is my will and meaning that my said wife shall have the interest & benefit
of my said daughters and sonne Thomas his porsions of monie untill
the same shall grow due to them respectivelie as aforesaid soe as she my
said wife shall educate or maintaine them to the good likeing of my Over-
seers or the most of them Item I Constitute & desire my approv?ll good
freinds Sr Robert Poynt?? knight of the Bath John Haggat Esqr
Thomas Chester Esqr Thomas Symes Esqr Thomas Roberts Esqr
and the sd Francis Yeomans to be Overseers of this my Last will and
Testament And I give them five pounds a peece which I desire them to
accept as a token of my love Item I give to my oled servant John Parker all
my weareing Apparrell Item I give to the poore of the parish of Winter-
bourne five pounds to be destributed by my wife at her discretion In
witnes whereof I have to this my Last will and testament conteyned
in theis fowre Sheets of paper set mine Hand and Seale this Nine &
Twentieth daie of March in the yere of our Lord God One thowsand Six
Hundred Fiftie and eight Thos Buck  Signed sealed and published then in
the presence of Phil Langley James Legg John Yeomans Sim Chap-
man John Parker

This will was Proved at London The
First daie of Februarie One thowsand Six Hundred Fiftie Eight
Before the Judges for probate of willes and grannting Administracons
lawfullie authorized By the oath of Elizabeth Buck his Relict and Sole
Executrix named in the sd will To whom was Committed Administracon of
all and Singuler the goods Chattles and debts of the said deceased She
being by Commission first sworn truelie to Administer the same

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