28 November 1591 Will of Richard Bisse of Bristol, merchant (proved 10 December 1591)

The original document can be obtained online from The National Archives.

Source: TNA, PROB 11/78

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In the name of god Amen The eight and
Twentyth Daie of November in the yeare of our Lord God a thowsand fyve hundred ninty
and one I Richard Bisse of Bristowe marchannte sicke and weake in body but God I
thanke him of good and perfect memory Do make my last will and Testament in manner and
forme followinge First I commende my sowle unto God my Creator trustinge and verely
beleevinge to be saved by the merritts Death and passion of his sonne Christ Jesus my

Saviour and Redeemer my body to be buried in the Church of Sainte Thomas in such
seemely and decent sorte as shall seem good to my Executor and Overseers For my wordly
goodes I give and dispose as followeth First I give and bequeath to my mother Margarett
Gilbert tenne poundes Also I give and bequeath to my brother Lawrence Bisse four pounds
Also I give and bequeath to my sister Johane Phillippes fyve poundes Also I give and
bequeath to my wives two children Richard Bentall and Katherine Bentall tenne poundes a
peece All which severall Legacies my will is shalbe paied out of my adventure and goodes
in the good shipp called the Hopewell of Bristowe nowe at sea within three monethes next aftr
the safe arryvall of the said shipp and goodes here at this port of Bristowe or any other porte of
her Discharge Also I give and bequeath to the poore people of the said parishe of St Thomas
Forty shillings Also I give and bequeath to the poore people of the parishe of Redcliffe xx s
Also I give and bequeath to the poore of the parish of Publoe in the County of Somersett
Three poundes All the rest of my goods and cattells moveable and unmoveable and debts to
me owinge and all such part and share of all my goodes and adventures nowe at sea wch
shall happen to me my debts and Legacies beinge paied and funeralls discharged I give
and bequeath to Katheren my wife and John Bysse my sonne equally to be devided and
parted between them by the good discrecon of my Overseers Provided alwayes and my
will is that yf my said sonne John shall departe this mortall lyfe before he shall be of full
age and lawfull yeares to have and governe the same Then all such his parte and portion of
my goodes to him before bequeathed shall be and remayne to my two brothers William Bisse
and Lawrence Bisse equally to be devided betwene them Also I forgive my father in
law Harry Gilbert all such debts as he oweth unto mee Also I do ordaine and make
my said wife and my said sonne John Bisse the Executors of this my last will and testament
makinge and appointinge my good Father in lawe John Harte and my friende Lawrence
Reade Overseers of this my last will and Testament desiring them to have care that good
order and assurannce may be had and taken for the performannce of the trewe meaninge of
this my last will and Testament givinge to every of them for theire paines and travell herein
Twenty shillings By me Lawrence Reade Peter Bisse

Probatum fuit Testamentum
[this paragraph continues in Latin to grant probate at London on 10 December 1591]
decimo die mensis Decembris Anno Domini millesimo quingentesimo nonagesimo
Katherine relicte et executrics

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