20 October 1565 Will of John Bisse of Pensford, gentleman (proved 19 October 1567)

The original document can be obtained online from The National Archives.

Source: TNA, PROB 11/48

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In the name of god Amen the twentithe daye October in the yere of our
Lord god a thowsande fyve hundred three score and fyve and in the seaventhe yere of the reigne of 
our sovereigne Ladye Elizabethe by the grace of god of Englande Frannce and Irelande quene
Defendour of the Faithe &c I John Bisse of Pensforde in the countie of Somersett gentleman
being thankes be to god of good and perfecte healthe and remembrannce Doo constitute ordeine
and make this my pnte testamente conteyned my Last Will in manner and forme followinge First
and above all thinges I bequeathe my soull to allmightie god my onely Saviour and redemour
of the same and my boddy to be buryed in Chren buriall where it shall please myne Executoures
and to them shalbe thoughte most best by their good discretions Item I give and bequeathe to six
poore men Sixe black gownes and to Syxe poore women Sixe white gownes to be at my buriall
and more to the poore in reddy monney Fyve poundes Allso I give to Siceley my daughter
fiftie poundes in monney to be putt to suche use for her most proffitt as shalbe thoughte most best
by my Executoures Item more I give and bequeathe to Johan my daughter att the daye of her
marriage Fiftie poundes so that she marrie by the advise and good will of my saide Executors
Item I give and bequeathe to my sonnes William Bysse and Richard Bisse twentie poundes a peece
to be paide them when they enter in the Ferme of Peglynche Allso I give and bequeathe to Lawr???
my sonne one hundred marks to be paide hym at the age of twentye and one yeres Item more I
give to Phillipp Bisse the sonne of Phillipp Bisse my sonne deceassed tenne poundes to be
paide hym at the age of twentie and one yeres Item more I give Mergarett my wief Fourety
poundes in reddye monneye and the thirde parte of my howshold stuff and plate and Syxe
poundes by the yere to be paide owte of the Ferme of Peglynche so longe as she lyvethe soll
widdowe Allso I give and bequeathe to Agnes my daughter Fortie poundes to be paide her in
the daye of her marriage twentie poundes and that day twelmonthe twentie poundes Item more
I give to Mawde my Daughter Fortie shillinges Item more I give to Thomas my sonne the
hundred markes promised hym at his marriage as by my bonde appearethe to be paide hym
within twoo yeres after my deceasse and twentie marks a yere owte of my Ferme of Peglynche
untill the Leasse take place whiche I made to William and Richarde my sonnes whiche will
be at the ende of twelve yeres The residewe of all and singuler my gooddes and Chattells
as well moveable and unmoveable dettes jewells plate Implemetes of howsholde and houshold
stuff what so ever to me belonging or apperteyninge not before bequethed my dettes and Legacies
paide as afforsaide I give and bequeathe to John Bisse my sonne whome I make my full and holl
Executour of this my Laste will and testamente to see the same performed And I ordeine &
make John Cutt of the Cittie of Bristowe Merchannte and John Bisse of Stokelayne clothier
and Henrie Smithe of Cosham myne Overseers to whom I give twentie shillinges a peace
for their paynes And this I make an ende of this my presente testamente conteyning my
Last will willing the same to stande in full poure and vertue And all other before tyme by
me made to be utterlie voyde then beying presentt and wittnes also it is my will if that any
of my saide Children deceasse before the tyme that they shuld receyve the Legacie wch I
have given them that then that whiche I have given the one half to be equallie devided
betwene the reste of them that Lyvethe and the other half to myne Executor By me John
Bisse For Recorde Thomas Bisse for recorde John Bisse for Record John Cutt for
Record Walter Pykes

Item Further my will is that if my withinnamed wief Margaret doo att anye tyme during her lief clayme
or demande or ??? for her or in her name clayme or demande any dower or joynter into or owte of the Landes
tentes or hereditamentes of sr John Sentleger Knighte whiche I the saide John Bisse bought of the same sr
John or into or owte of any parte thereof that then my wief shall not have and enyoye any thing bequethed
to her in this my testamente nor shall not enyoye the said annuitie of Sixe pounds a yere duringe her
widdowhedd any thinge in this my presente testament mencioned to the contrarie notwithstanding And
further my will is that my wief shall not have any of the Legacies beforesaide before she hathe putt in
suerties to myne Executour to disharge hym his heyres and executours ageinst the saide Sr John Sentlegr
his heyres and Executoures of and for any clayme or demannde of Dower and yoynter that she may or
shall Demannde of in or to the saide Landes and hereditamentes of Sr John Sentleger or of or in any
parte thereof for the assuerannce whereof she shall stande bounde withe goodd suerties to my said

Executour for the ???tentacion of hym and in suche sum of monneys as he shall demannde of her In witnes whereof
to this parte of my saide testamente I have my hande the fourthe of november Anno 1565 By me John Bisse By me
Thomas Edwardes By me Thomas Bisse by me Bartollmew Hinton William Bigg

[the next paragraph is in Latin and grants probate on 19 October 1567]
Decimo nono die mensis octobris anno dni millimo quingentesimo Sexagesimo sexto
[to] Johan
Bisse Juniori

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