8 August 1568 Will of William Barlowe, Bishop of Chichester (proved 22 September 1568)

Source: TNA, PROB 11/50

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In the name of god Amen the viii th of Auguste anno 
Domini 1568 William Barlowe Late bisshipp of Chichester beinge in PERfytte mynde and memorye Dyd make
his testamente and Laste wyll ????npatyve in manner and forme followinge Fyrste he did bequeath
his sowle to Allmightie god and his bodye to the yearthe The sayd William Barlowe was asked by one 
Edward Foster his receiver wheither he had made a will or no he Annswered yea and willed
the sayd Edward Foster and Agatha Barlowe the sayd testators wief to goe for his will And when
they came to serche for the same in a coffer in his studye they cowlde fynde none And when they 
came to hym agayne the sayd Edward Foster declared they cowlde fynde none whereuppon the 
sayd Edward further Declaringe unto him whether theire were any or none yone wyll that 
my marie shalbe onely doer of all yor have The sayd Testator annswered yea yea And lykwise beinge
asked by mr Bartor Phisicion well my Lorde yor make marie Barlowe your onely executrixe of 
all youre goods and Landes your have bothe moveable and unmoveable The sayd testator Annswered 
yea The premisses were Done the daye aforesayd in the presence and hearinge of the sayd 
Edward Foster maister Baetor phisicion and George Benyon

Probatum fuit ... apud London ...
[this paragraph continues in Latin to grant probate on 22 September 1568]
xxii Septembris Anno Domini millimo Quingeno 
sexagesimo octavo
Radi Browne norii pubii procurie Agathe Relic et exts 

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