2 September 1546 Will of Isabel Abington of Bristol, widow (proved 2 July 1547)

Source: TNA, PROB 11/31

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In the name of god Amen The seconde daye of September in the yere of or
lorde god a Thowsande fyve hundreth fourtye and sixe And the xxxviii yere of the Reygne
of our sovraigne lorde Henry the viii th by the grace of god kinge of Englande Frannce 
and Irelande defendor of the faithe and in earthe supreme hedd ymmediately under god 
of the same Churche of Englande and also of Irelande I Isabell Abington of ye PARishe 
of Sainte Mary Port wtin the citie of Bristowe wedowe do make and ordeyne this 
my present Testament in maner and forme folowing conteyning my last will th?? ys
to wyte First and formost I bequethe my soule to Almightie god my maker & redemer
and my bodie to be buried wtin the PARishe churche of saint Mary Port abovesaide wt suche
obseq?? and sarvys as to myne Executour shalbe thought most convenient & necessarye 
Item I give and bequethe to the Cathedrall churche of the blessed ??????e of the saide 
Citie of Bristowe iii s iiii d Item I give and bequethe to the highe Aulter of the saide
PARishe churche of Saynte Mary Porte for tythes forgotten iii s iiii d Item I give and 
bequethe to my daughter Joann Croston a cheyne of sylver and gilte wt a crusifix haging 
to the same a payre of cowrall beads also half a dosyn of coshyn clothes with roases 
viii flower potts and my best co???payne with my beste paire of saynt John baptyst 
for mydsomer to thentent she shall praye for my soule Item I give and bequeth to
my sonne Roger Abington my husbonds best Coot of tawny velvet Item I give and 
bequethe to Katheryn wyfe to the same Roger Abington A playne hope Ringe of gold 
and a greate panne Item I give and bequethe to my godsonne Thomas Abington and 
to Richard Abington his brother sonnes of the saide Roger Abington and of Katheryn his 
wief to every of them a white standing Cuppe of sylver Also I will that myne 
Executour shall fynde an honest preest to singe and saye masses praying for the soules 
of my late husbonde and me and the soules of all our progenetours and children and all 
Cristyn soules in the churche of saynt Mary Porte during the tyme of one hole yere 
next and immediatlye following ??? my deceas geving to hym for his wags and stypend 
for the saide yere vi l xiii s iiii d Item I will that Alice Parnell wydowe shall have 
my vyolet gown lynyed with silke chamlet also a litle Crocke conteyning on gallon 
and a half wt a panne of two gallons two bell Candylsticks and two barbars lattyn
basons all whiche thyngs I will shall remayne after the deceas of the said Alice 
Parnell to my goddaughter Martha Carpynter to praye for my soule Item I give 
and bequethe to my srvante Edward Thomas Fyve poundes ster redy money whiche I 
will shalbe delyvered unto hym when he shall Accomplishe the full age of xxii yeres
and if he so longe lyve yf not then I wyll yt shall remayne to myne Executour
Item I give and bequeth to Nicholas Williams Tailor A nutte of sylver and gilt wt
a klak shell ??hym to praye for my soule Item I give and bequethe to s?r John Kerne 
parson of Crech??rche in the Citie of Bristow xxi s Item I give and bequethe of Ready
money towards the RePARasion of high wayes nighe about the Citie of bristow three 
poundes to be bestowed where as to my Executour it shalbe thought most convenient
Item I give and bequethe to the poor presoners of newgate for their Releffe & refor??
xx s to be delyvered to theym by myne Executour as they shall have nede Item I give
and bequeathe to Joane my mayde srvante my best petticote and my seconde best wolsted

kirtyll Item I will that my Executour the daie of my buriall shall deale and give in
Almys to praye for my soule vi l xiii s iiii d that is to saye to every Almys house wtin
the Citie of Bristowe or the subberbys of the same to helpe and ??????? the poor people 
in the same PARticulerly ii s of the saide some of vi l xiii s iiii d and the residue therof to
give and deale unto suche poor nedy and impotent people as shall have most neade 
therof And upon the saie of my monthes mynde I will that my saide Executour shall
give and dispoase in lyke maner to the poor vi l xiii s iiii d And upon the daye of my
Anniversary or yeres obyt I will that my saide Executour shall give and dispoase in 
Almys to the poore in like wyse vi l xiii s iiii d Item I will that my saide Executour at
the daie of my buriall shall give to xii poore men xii blacke gownes And to xii poore
women xii white peticotts and xii kerchers to praye for my soule and all xpen soules 
And all the Residue of my goodes moveable and unmoveable my debts paide my legacies
PERformyd and my funeralls Ifull and hole give and bequeth to my sonne John Abington 
whome I do make and ordeyne my sole Executour of this my present testament and 
Laste will to whome I give charge to se the same well and truely PERformyd According 
to my true meanyng therof Also I make and ordeyne my sones William Croston &
Roger Abington overseers of this my last will and testament And to my saide sonne
William Croston I give and bequeth for his Labors therin one table of Imagery wt ii
Levys conteyning the story of the three kinges of Collyn and a gold Rynge wt a torkys 
whiche iI was want to were And to my saide sonne Roger Abington I bequethe for his 
Labor therin a Ring of gold wt a dyamond that I was lykewise want to were 
Richard Saunders PER me John Pikes PER me Thomas Willms  Johis Pykes Jo Rawlyns ???
et Thome Williams testm ex????

Probatum fuit ... apud London ...
[this paragraph continues in Latin to grant probate on 2 July 1547]
die July Anno dni millmo quingentesimo xlvii 
Johis Abington 

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