St. John's Anglican Cathedral records - Marriages

What follows is a list of all marriage entries from the St. John's Anglican Cathedral records held at PANL as of July 2010 for the following surnames: as well as several other entries that caught my attention.

This list constitutes a typescript of my handwritten extraction from photocopies of the original records, which is to say that I may have inadvertantly introduced some errors while transcribing and typing... as always, you should double-check against the original records. That said, if you spot any mistakes that I have made, please let me know at

Some comments about these lists:

At PANL these records are in several volumes as follows: 1752-1789, 1752-1784, 1783-1795, 1784-1795, 1796-1803, 1812-1819, 1819-1828, 1828-1879, 1828-1836, 1836-1851, 1851-1878, 1825-1858 plus a number of miscellaneous booklets

Marriages (1753 - 1878)

The format of most of the entries that follow is as follows:

Entries are separated by one or more blank lines.

Thomas Neal
Janes Reeve
25 Sept 1757

Joseph Nowel
Hannah Hoggins
[6?] January 1759

Joseph Nowel
Rebecca Heize
21 Sept 1767

Thos Noseworthy
Margaret White
16 Nov 1769

John Westcott
Katherine Limerick      negro woman
19 Sept 1779

Joseph Nowel
Hannah Hoggins
6 January 1759

Joseph Newel
Rebecca Heize
21 Sept 1767

Thos Noseworthy
Margaret White
16 Nov 1769

Moris Long
Judith Ryan
9 Oct 1786
Henry Connell, John Undrey

Peter Winter
Elenor Neal
28 Nov 1786
Edward Kenney, Anthony Winter

James Dickers
Hanna Shepherd
22 Dec 1789
John Calver, Willm Prendergast

Mr James Barnes
Miss Eliz Quinton
[4?] March 1790 at St John's
Richd Barnes, Eliza Phillips, Ann Thomas
[4?] March 1790  Robt Brine [certifies that he consents] to the Marriage of my Daughter in Law Elizabeth Quinton to Mr James Barnes
[4?] March 1790  Elizabeth Brine [also consents] to the marriage of my Daughter Elizabeth Quinton to Mr James Barnes

William Marshall
Sarah Sheppard
24 Oct 1792
Richard Burden, Henry Winser

Daniel Murran
Sarah Nosary
30 Sept 1796
Philip Bram, Richd [H?]ales, Mary Murran

George Shepherd
Elizabeth Brophy
14 January 1797
John Brophy, Jno Williams, Jno March

Joseph Noel
Sarah Woodfine
4 [Sept?] 1798
Saml [unclear]ukar, Sarah Widdicombe

William Quinton
Susannah Shepherd
19 Nov 1795
James [?]avey, Henry Shepherd, Mary Andrews

Daniel Newel
Elizabeth Benson
10 Oct 1799
John Jones, [Geo?] Croucher, Mary Moore, Edward Baldwin

James Sheppard                  widower
Mary Burke                      spinster
13 Oct 1812
Henry [unclear] Jersey, Samuel England

James Pointer Garland                           Esqr of Trinity
Arabella Bland                                  of this place
27 Nov 1817
John Bland, Diana Elliott, [Sarah?] Bland

John Batson                     bachelor        of this parish
Margery Ann Brace               spinster
19 Dec 1817
John Stone, Sarah Morrison, Thomas Miller, Richd Knight

John Janes                      bachelor        Broad Cove, Conception Bay
Martha Legrow                   spinster        of the same place
21 Oct 1819
Mary Perchar, Elizabeth Ruth

William Virge                   bachelor
Mary Percy                      spinster        both of Trinity
23 oct 1821
George Fleet, Elizabeth Fleet, Thos Tucker

William Janes                   bachelor        of Grates Cove
Mary Tobin                      spinster        of St Mary's Bay
30 Oct 1822
John Janes, Andrew MCoubrey, Elizabeth MCoubrey

John Fry                        widower         of this parish
Rebecca Janes                   widow           of the same parish
22 Dec 1822
Richard Perchard, Danl [unclear]

Thomas Newell                   bachelor        of Carbonear
Mary Angell                     spinster        of this parish
28 January 1824
[Jno?] Durell, Jno Bunting, Susan Angell, John Angell

William Noseworthy              bachelor        of Pouch Cove
Sarah Mully                     spinster        of the same place
6 Dec 1824
George [Lewis?], Elizabeth Hobbs

William Bennett                 bachelor        of Plymouth Devon
Anne Deane Miller               spinster        of Bonaventure
27 Nov 1827
[Clem?] Fitzgerald, J Bacon

Thomas Snelgrove                                of Torbay
Elizabeth Noseworthy                            of Kelligrews
15 June 1836
Sarah Bridge, Samuel Janes

George Shepherd                 widower         of this parish
Anne Clance                     widow           of the same parish
1 Nov 1828
Mary Hillyar, J Bacon

John Bartlett                   bachelor        of this parish
Margaret Nosworthy              spinster        of Pouch Cove
27 Nov 1828
Sarah Morris, Wm Jenkins, William Mitchelmore

Charles Batstone                bachelor        of Dawlish Devon but now a resident of this parish
Maria Knight                    spinster        of this parish
9 July 1830
John [unclear], Anne L Lilly, James Henry Butler, Eliza Lilly

Nicholas Newell                 widower         of Pouch Cove
Anne Roberts                    widow           of Adam's Cove
19 Nov 1830
Tho W Bowditch, Maria Batstone

George Shepherd                 widower
Elizabeth McLoughlin            widow           both of this parish
6 January 1831
James Rickard, William Earle

James Janes                     bachelor
Sarah Harward                   spinster        both of this parish
7 Dec 1833
Elizabeth Thomas, John Fry

Joshua Green, Esq               bachelor        sub Collector of H M Customs at Port de Grave
Catherine Mary Robertson Bayly  spinster        of this parish
1 July 1834
Geo Bayly, Ellen Green, Jno [unclear] Cooke, Jean Buchan Blaikie, [Maria?] W Hutchings, Emma Bayly, Mary Bayly, John Sinclair

Edward Pike                     bachelor        of Musquitto
Mary Geary                      spinster        of this parish
13 Nov 1834 in this town
John Stentaford Jnr, Sarah Geary

Joseph Mercer                   bachelor
Amelia Lynch                    spinster        both of Upper Island Cove
23 Aug 1835
Martha McPherson, William Earle

John Nosworthy                  bachelor
Tabitha Tucker                  spinster        of this parish
7 Nov 1835
Eliza Hollett, George [Bowden or Boniden]

Edward White                    bachelor        of Bonavista
Anne Ware                       spinster        of this parish
26 Nov 1835
Richard Weir, Thomas Ware

Abraham Crickinton              widower         of Narldon, Devon
Mary Shepherd                   spinster        of this parish
15 Feb 1836
Richard Gardner, Ann Hogsett, Rosamond Carrington, William Earle

William White                   bachelor
Elizabeth Ware                  spinster        both of this parish
26 May 1836
Richard Weir, Thomas Ware

George Tilly                    bachelor        of Kelligrews
Elizabeth Taylor                spinster        of Musquitto
27 May 1826
Ellen T [Burchan?], Fanny McKenzie, Ann Nogsett, Rosamond Carrington

John Janes                      bachelor        of Abbotskerswell, Devon
Jane Brace                      spinster        of Quidi Vidi
21 Dec 1836
William Knight, Richd Brace

Samuel Janes                    bachelor        of Abbotskerswell, Devon
Sarah Holwill                   widow           of this parish
9 May 1837
Julia Carrington, Robert Bayly, Ebenezer Brace, Frederic Carrington

Isaac Kirby                     widower         of Pouch Cove
Susan Mercer                    spinster        of Upper Island Cove
14 Nov 1838
John Reanes, William Hudson, William Earle

37 1
John Baggs                      bachelor
Sarah Noseworthy                spinster        both of Biscayan Cove
3 January 1839
Rosamond Roberts Carrington, Frederic Carrington

John Taylor                     bachelor        of Carbonear
Jane Snow                       spinster        of this parish
14 June 1839
George Kellone, Rosamond Roberts Carrington

Richard Wheatley Bultingham     bachelor                                Lieutenant Royal Artillery
Frances Harriett Sheppard       spinster        of this parish
22 June 1846 in the Church of St Thomas
[unclear], Isabella Bennett, [unclear] Robe, Guy Bottom, Julia Carrington, A N Robe Major Rl Engineers, Hugh Best Chambers, Henry Wright [Major Art?]

William Bickham                 bachelor        formerly of Totness Devon
Mary Ann Batstone               spinster        of Quidi Vidi
10 Dec 1846 in the St John's Central Schoolroom
John Batstone, Elizabeth Batstone, Saml Austin, Margaret Bulley, John [Adsy or May or Day ?]

Samuel Austin                   bachelor        formerly of Cornworthy Devon
Elizabeth Batstone              spinster        of Quidi Vidi
14 Aug 1847 in the St John's Central Schoolroom
John Batstone, Sarah Batstone, George Hill

Peter Keefe                     bachelor        of this parish
Abigail Mercer                  widow           of Bay Roberts
13 Nov 1847 in the Saint John's Central Schoolroom
William Earle, Mary Welsh

Henry Cole                      bachelor        of Castle Cary, Somersetshire
Sarah Mercer                    spinster        of Port de Grave
11 May 1851
Joseph Vye, James Lucas, Ann Lucas, James Bryne, Elizabeth Ann Vye

Thomas Pynn                     bachelor
Catherine Skinner               spinster        both of this parish
7 Feb 1853
Jordan Pike, W D Morison, Gilward Skinner, Susanna Lamzed, Catharine Chipmen, Sarah J Chipman

William Cornelius Bond          bachelor        formerly of Kings Kerswell Devon
Eliza Shepherd                  spinster        of this parish
29 May 1854
John Bussell Bond, Mary Ann Dench, William Earle

Joan Boaz Horwood Jr            bachelor
Joanna Jane Batstone            spinster        both of Quidi Vidi
4 Nov 1855 in Christ Church, Quidi Vidi
John Batstone, Richard Horwood, [Harriet?] Batstone, William Horwood, Emma Batstone

James King                      bachelor        formerly of Grate's Cove
Julianna George                 spinster        formerly of Trinity             both of this parish
5 Nov 1855
William Mason, Sarah Dagwell

George Wheeler                  bachelor        of Greenspond
Sarah Morris                    widow           of Trinity
15 Nov 1856
Samuel Burton, William [unclear] Turner, William Andrews, Ann Lucas, Elizabeth Morris

George Ivamy                    bachelor        of Trinity
Elizabeth Morris                spinster        of the same place
26 Dec 1856
Stephen Morris, Francis Ash

John Nosworthy                  bachelor
Martha Mitchell                 widow           both of Brigus
30 May 1859
Esau Roberts, Emma Spooner

William Charles Batstone        bachelor        of Quidi Vidi
Louisa Grushey                  spinster        of Pouch Cove
10 June 1861
William Hudson, Mary ann goucy

William Mercer                  bachelor        of Bay Roberts
Rebecca Trimlett                spinster        of Bonavista
24 May 1862
[unclear] Smith, C Tulbot

Richard Churchill               bachelor        of Trinity Harbour
Sarah Jeans                     widow           of the same place
1 June 1864 in the Cathedral Church
William Henry Rowe, John Churchill, Mary Ann Sexton, Elizabeth Rowe

John Monk Noel                  bachelor        of Island Cove                  clerk
Eliza Ann LeMessurier           spinster        of this parish
9 January 1868 in the Cathedral Church
[unclear] LeMessurier, [W M ?] LeMessurier, Mary Jane LeMessurier, Theophilus G Netten

Mark Miller                     widower
Eliza Shepherd                  widow           both of this parish
4 Nov 1868 in the Cathedral Church
Edwin Wilcox, Sarah Wilcox, John [Miller or Milley]

William Henry Meadus            bachelor
Elizabeth Ann Noel              spinster        both of Grates Cove
11 Sept 1869 in the Cathedral Church
John [Slade?], Hezekiah Martin, John Verge, Mary [Janbers?]

Christopher Prince              bachelor        of Southward Bay, Bonavista Bay in the Mission of Kings Cove
Mary Anne Coffin                spinster        of King's Cove
27 Sept 1871 in the Cathedral Church
Levi Prince, James Prince

William Noseworthy              bachelor        of the South Shore
Mary Carroll                    spinster        of Saint Johns
5 Nov 1871 in the Cathedral Church
Thomas Badcock, Frances Badcock, Isaac Cleverly, William Feaver

William Hoggen                  bachelor        of Greenock
Virtue Mercer                   spinster        of Chamberlains
26 January 1878 in the Cathedral Church
Charles A McLarty, Peter McLarty, Alice McLarty, Maria L Collis

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