Catalina Methodist church records - Marriages for various surnames

What follows is a list of all marriage entries for the following surnames:

in the Catalina Methodist church records held at PANL as of May 2008. Also included are all entries that pertain to English Harbour and Salmon Cove, Trinity Bay.

This list constitutes a typescript of my handwritten extraction from photocopies of the original records, which is to say that I may have inadvertantly introduced some errors while transcribing and typing... as always, you should double-check against the original records. That said, if you spot any mistakes that I have made, please let me know at

Some comments about these lists:

At PANL these records are in several volumes as follows:

Marriages (1864 - 1893)

The format of most of the entries that follow is as follows:

Entries are separated by one or more blank lines.

Edward Stagg
Sophia Way                              both of Little Catalina
25 Nov 1871 in the schoolhouse at Little Catalina
James Chalk, James Johnson, Reuben Carpenter

Martin Bugden                                   English Harbour
Arianna Elizabeth Oakley Skeffington            Tickle Cove
28 Nov 1872 in the house of Mr Kimber Bugden at English Harbour
George Skeffington, Jane Bugden

Joseph Pottle
Mary Ann Penny                          both of English Harbour
4 January 1873 in the Wesleyan chapel at Englisn Harbour
Adam Pottle, Esther Barnes

Joseph Chalk
Amelia Way                              both of Little Catalina
13 January 1873 in the school-house at Little Catalina
Josiah Stone, Joseph Stagg

67  John Pomroy                                 Catalina
    Mary Quinton                                Bonavista Bay
    9 Dec 1876
    Abigail Pardy, Abel Pomroy

Joseph Carpenter
Elizabeth Daulton
17 Nov 1877 at Little Catalina
Joseph Stagg, Mark Daulton

112 John Stagg                  bachelor        Little Catalina
    Mary Hannah Pearce                          Catalina
    29 Dec 1880 at Little Catalina
    John Kennedy, Caroline Pearce

114 Theophilus King             bachelor        Catalina
    Phebe Reid                                  Little Catalina
    16 Feb 1881 at Catalina
    Job Alexander King, Bennett King [Bennett left "her mark"]

123 James Ford                  bachelor
    Susannah King                               both of Little Catalina
    6 Oct 1882 at Catalina
    Theophilus King, Bennett King [Bennett left "her mark"]

129 Thomas Stagg                bachelor        Little Catalina
    Grace Ann Steed             spinster        Little Catalina
    30 Nov 1883 in the schoolroom
    Azariah Tippett, Aron Day, John Kennedy

140 William Steed               bachelor        Little Catalina
    Grace Ann Tippett           spinster        Little Catalina
    27 Dec 1884 in the School house
    Azariah Tippett, Flora Stagg, Abel Tippett

142 James Tippett               bachelor        Little Catalina
    Arabella Stagg              spinster        Little Catalina
    5 May 1885 [in the home of ?] Geo Higgins
    Abel Tippett, Theresa Stagg, Thomas Higgins

147 John Stagg                  bachelor        Catalina
    Hannah Baker                spinster        Little Catalina
    12 Nov 1885 in the Parsonage
    George Russell, Mary Ann White

159 Stephen Quinlin             bachelor        Trinity
    Susannah Ford               widow           Little Catalina
    21 Oct 1886 at Little Catalina
    Flora Stagg, Abel Tippett

161 Alexander Cullimore         bachelor        Little Catalina
    Elizath Sarah               spinster        Little Catalina
    14 Dec 1886 in the Methodist Church, Little Catalina
    Flora Stagg, Azariah Tippett

166 Thomas Wiltshire            widower         Catalina
    Laura Maria Hayward         spinster        Seldom Come Bay
    25 Dec 1886 at the Parsonage
    Thomas Russel, Mary Jane Wiltshire

173 Edward Chalk                bachelor        Little Catalina
    Christina Tippett           spinster        Little Catalina
    27 Sept 1887 at the Parsonage, Catalina
    James Tippett, Flora Jane Stagg

174 Abel Arthur Tippett         bachelor        Little Catalina
    Flora Jane Stagg            spinster        Little Catalina
    26 Oct 1887 in the Meth Ch Lit Cat
    Annie Day, William Steed

214 Cephas King                23 bachelor      Fisherman       Catalina                father: Thomas King
    Naomi Trask                20 spinster                      Catalina                father: Simon Trask
    11 March 1893 in the house of Mr Thomas King, Catalina
    Theophilus King, Bennett King
    [Theophilus left "his mark"; Bennett left "her mark"]

215 William White              27 bachelor      Fisherman       Catalina                father: Alexander White
    Elizabeth Sarah Sweetland  28 spinster                      Catalina                father: Samuel Sweetland of Bonavista
    8 May 1893 in the house of Alexander Gullage, Catalina
    Alexander Gullage, Sarah Ann Gullage

218 William Thomas Steed       27 bachelor      Fisherman       Little Catalina         father: Frederick Steed
    Annie Maria Stagg          19 spinster                      Little Catalina         father: Joseph Stagg
    30 Dec 1893 in the Methodist Church, Little Catalina
    Edward Stagg, Emily Ann Dalton

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