Wesleyville Methodist church records - Marriages for various surnames

What follows is a list of all marriage entries for the following surnames:

in the Wesleyville Methodist church records held at PANL as of August 2010.

This list constitutes a typescript of my handwritten extraction from photocopies of the original records, which is to say that I may have inadvertantly introduced some errors while transcribing and typing... as always, you should double-check against the original records. That said, if you spot any mistakes that I have made, please let me know at dapike@mun.ca.

Some comments about these lists:

At PANL these records are in several volumes as follows:

Marriages (1884 - 1926)

The format of most of the entries that follow is as follows:

Entries are separated by one or more blank lines.

44   Jacob Andrews                      bachelor                Fisherman               Cape Island
     Kezia Sheppard                     spinster                Servant                 Pool's Island
     28 Dec 1887 at Cape Island
     James Burry, Sarah Vincent

54   Job Vincent                        bachelor                Fisherman               Cape Island
     Mary Ann Shepherd                  spinster                                        Pool's Island
     13 Dec 1888 at Cape Island
     Jacob Andrews, Jane Vincent

56   Zacchaeus Sturge                   bachelor                Fisherman               Flowers Island
     Dinah White                        spinster                                        Greenspond
     17 Dec 1888 at Wesleyville
     Basil Sturge, Mary Ann Kean

121  John Wicks                 28      bachelor                Fisherman               Wesleyville
     Louisa White               23      spinster                                        Loo Cove
     20 Dec 1892
     William Wicks, Lucy Winser

138  Julius Stokes              21      bachelor                Fisherman               Cape Freels
     Sarah Jane Felcombe        19      spinster                                        Safe Harbour
     11 June 1894 at Cape Freels Church
     Jacob Stokes, Annie Stagg

173  William John Wey           23      bachelor                Fisherman               Newtown
     Mary Jane White            22      spinster                Servant                 Newtown
     26 Nov 1896 at Newtown
     Charles Tiller, Martha Collins

181  Edmund Templeman                   widower                 Fisherman               Fox Cove
     Sarah Ann Quinton                  spinster                                        Sandy Cove
     6 March 1897 at Wesleyville Parsonage
     Samuel Hutching, Elizabeth Hutchengs

216  Charles Parsons                    bachelor                Fisherman               Cat Harbour
     Mary Shepard                       spinster                                        Cat Harbour
     5 June 1900 at Wesleyville
     Leonard [Butt?], Florence Barbour

217  Peter Gibbons                      bachelor                Fisherman               Cat Harbour
     Rhyna Jane Stagg                   spinster                                        Cape Cove
     5 July 1900 in the Parsonage, Wesleyville
     Edwin Gibbons, Ellen L Goodyear

218  John W Stokes                      widower                 Fisherman               Cape Cove
     Joannah Stagg                      spinster                                        Cape Cove
     11 Sept 1900 at Cape Cove
     John Humphries, Sarah Stokes

223  Esau Stagg                         bachelor                Fisherman               Cape Cove
     Ellen Goodyear                     spinster                                        Cat Hr
     3 Dec 1900 at Cape Cove
     Keneth Humphries, Dinah Humphries

249  John William Stokes                bachelor                Fisherman               Cape Cove
     Keziah Jane Dyke                   spinster                                        Cape Cove
     3 Nov 1902 at Wesleyville
     Henry Stagg, Laura J Stokes

274  Hubert White                       bachelor                Fisherman               Greenspond
     Beatrice Sturge                    spinster                                        Wesleyville
     5 Sept 1904 at Welseyville
     Jacob Weakley, Martha Best

294  Daniel Hunt                        bachelor                Fisherman               Tinker's Island
     Caroline Shepherd                  spinster                                        Pools Island
     10 May 1905 at Valleyfield Church
     [Alnam?] Hunt, Dinah Winters

320  William John Witcher       21      bachelor                Fisherman               Valleyfield
     Edith White                18      spinster                                        Valleyfield
     [10 or 11] May 1906 at Valeyfield

Peter White                     47      widower                                         Valleyfield
Harriet Barefoot                30      spinster                                        Pool's Island
17 Dec 1906 at Valleyfield
James Oldford, Benj I Davis

Percy Louis Hounsell            23      bachelor                                        Pound Cove
Florence Sheppard               21      spinster                                        Cat Harbour
18 Feb 1907 at [Newtown?]
Thomas Kanes, Mary Garrett

Samuel Andrews                  25      bachelor                                        Cape Island, Bonavista Bay
Honor Sheppard                 [25?]    spinster                                        Pool's Island, Bonavista Bay
6 June 1907
Walter Andrews, Jemima Andrews

Jonas Shephard                  27      bachelor
Louisa Brown                    25      spinster
28 Nov 1907
Thomas Boone, Mary Shephard

Henry Stagg                     32      bachelor                                        Cape Freels, Bonavista Bay
Sarah Ann Gudger                20      spinster                                        Cat Harbor, Fogo
4 Dec 1907
Jeremiah Stokes, Ellen Stagg

Hedley Williams                 21      bachelor                Fisherman               Wesleyville
Lucy White                      20      spinster                                        Pools Island
25 Nov 1908 at Wesleyville Meth Ch
Caroline Andrews, Stephen Mullett

449  Daniel Kean                25      widower                 Fisherman               Valleyfield             Meth
     [Annie or Hannah] White    22      spinster                                        Valleyfield             Meth
     22 June 1913 at Meth Church, Valleyfield
     Solomon Kean, Mehetabel Kean

Allan Kean                      25      B                       Fisherman               Pound Cove              Ch of Eng
Emma White                      21      S                                               Loo Cove                Meth
[21?] Dec 1914 at Methodist School Church
George Hounsell, [but off by photocopier]

532  Peter Hann                 29      bach                    Fisher                  Wesleyville
     Minnie Greening            24      spin
     14 January 1921 at Wesleyville
     Eliza Andrews, William Andrews

536  Esau Howell                21      bach
     Edith L Sheppard           20      spin                                            Valleyfield
     9 June [1921] at Valleyfield
     [Erad?] Howell, Minnie Howell

395  Cecil Hubert White         23      bachelor                Fisherman               Valleyfield             United Church
     Lucy Hannah Kean           18      spinster                                        Valleyfield             UCC
     13 April 1926 at Valleyfield
     Jacob Sturge, Edith Witcher

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