Newfoundland Civil Registrations - Stagg Marriages (1891 - 1926)

What follows is a list of all Stagg marriages contained in the civil registration records held at PANL in 2014. This list constitutes a typescript of my handwritten extraction from microfilms of the original records, which is to say that I may have inadvertantly introduced some errors while transcribing and typing... as always, you should double-check against the original records. That said, if you spot any mistakes that I have made, please let me know at

As for how I went about this task, I first extracted all of the Stagg entries in the indices for Books 1 through 9, and then I searched each Book for these indexed entries. If there are non-indexed Stagg entries, then I most likely would have missed them. Book 10 is not indexed, so for it I looked at each individual marriage record [only for the districts of Bonavista and Trinity] and extracted those where one of the parties had the Stagg surname.

For the most part, the order in which the records are presented below corresponds to the order of their appearance in the indices, which sometimes appears to be haphazard in order.

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The format of most of the entries that follow is as follows:

Entries are separated by one or more blank lines.

Book 1 (1891 - 1892)

There were no Stagg entries in the index.

Book 2 (1892 - 1897)

88.10   30 Dec 1893     Little Catalina                                         Trinity
William Thomas Stead    27 Bachelor     Fisherman       Methodist               Little Catalina
Annie Maria Stagg       19 Spinster                     Methodist               Little Catalina
Mark Fenwick
Edward Stagg, Emily Ann Dalton

176.7   7 Dec 1893      Belloram                                                Fortune Bay
John Stagg              22 Bachelor     Fisherman       Church of England       Mose Ambrose
Mary Petette            21 Spinster                     Church of England       Mose Ambrose
William A Haynes
James Kearley, William Petette

264.7   6 Feb 1894      Cape Cove                                               Bonavista
Jonas Wright            24 Bachelor     Fisherman       Church of England       Cat Harbour
Elizabeth Stagg         21 Spinster                     Methodist               Cape Freels
John Antle
Frederick Stokes, Sarah Stokes

266.14  22 Dec 1894     Bonavista                                               Bonavista
George Abbott           23 Bachelor     Fisherman       Methodist               Bonavista
Julia Stagg             20 Spinster                     Church of England       Bonavista
T W Atkinson
George Abbott, Susanna Butter

279.4   28 Dec 1895     Newmans Cove Methdst Church                             Bonavista
William Hicks           28 Bachelor     Fisherman       Methodist               Newmans Cove
Elizabeth Stagg         24 Spinster                     Church of England       Birchy Cove
Thomas W Atkinson
William Stagg, Elsie Abbott, Joseph Hicks

405.6   25 July 1895    St John's                                               St John's
John C Reid             23 Bachelor     Painter         Methodist               St John's
Emily Stagg             19 Spinster                     Methodist               St John's
A D Morton
W J Long, May Hanebury

440.4   13 June 1896    Greenspond                                              Bonavista
George Stagg            23 Bachelor     Fisherman       Methodist               Shamblers Cove
Mary Ann Vivian         19 Spinster                     Methodist               Shamblers Cove
H J Reed
Charles Bragg, Carrie Bragg

499.9   2 January 1897  Little Catalina                                         Trinity
Edward Stagg            27 Bachelor     Fisherman       Methodist               Little Catalina
Rachel Johnstone        19 Spinster                     Methodist               Little Catalina
A A Holmes
Alexander Johnstone, Theophilus Stead

499.11  8 January 1897  Little Catalina                                         Trinity
George Steed            23 Bachelor     Fisherman       Methodist               Little Catalina
Mary A Stagg            19 Spinster                     Methodist               Little Catalina
A A Holmes
Simeon Steed, William Pomeroy

Book 3 (1896 - 1901)

235.14  19 January 1901 Catalina                                                Trinity
James Edgecombe         22 B            Fishing         Methodist               Catalina
Phoebe Stagg            21 S                            Methodist               Catalina
Anthony Hill
Peter Mason, William Diamond

241.3   15 Dec 1896     Bonavista                                               Bonavista
Thomas Stagg            28 Bachelor     Fisherman       Church of England       Bonavista
Rebecca Powell          28 Spinster                     Church of England       Bonavista
James Pincock
George Abbott, Annie Stagg

244.3   7 April 1897    Newmans Cove                                            Bonavista
Joseph Stagg            32 Bachelor     Fisherman       Church of England       Birchy Cove
Sarah Ann Chalk         23 Spinster                     Church of England       Birchy Cove
Augustus G Bayly
George Hicks, [blank]

244.7   2 January 1897  New Town                                                Bonavista
Samuel Parsons          26 Bachelor     Fisherman       Methodist               Cat Harbour
Annie Stagg             25 Spinster                     Methodist               Cape Freels
D W Blackall
Esau Stokes, Susanna Keales

266.9   12 Nov 1899     Bonavista                                               Bonavista
Reuben Cuff             29 B            Fisherman       Ch of Engd              Bonavista
Annie Stagg             28 S                            Ch of Engd              Bonavista
A G Bayly
George Stagg, Annie Cuff

274.4   5 July 1900     Wesleyville                                             Bonavista
Peter Gibbons      [blank] B            Fishing         Methodist               Cat Harbor
Rhyma Jane Stagg   [blank] S                            Methodist               Cape Cove
J W Bartlett
Edwin Gibbons, Ellen L Goodyear

274.5   11 Sept 1900    Cape Cove                                               Bonavista
John Wm Stokes          29 W            Fishing         Methodist               Cape Cove
Johanna Stagg           22 S                            Methodist               Cape Cove
H I Indoe
John Humphries, Sarah Stokes

277.7   3 Dec 1900      Cape Cove                                               Bonavista
Esau Stagg              23 B            Fishing         Methodist               Cape Cove
Ellen Goodyer           20 S                            Methodist               Cat Hr
H J Indol
Kenneth Humphries, Dinah Humphries

281.10  26 April 1901   Bonavista                                               Bonavista
Thos Stagg              32 W            Fishing         Ch of Engd              Bonavista
Rebecca Cuff            22 S                            Methodist               Bonavista
W H Browning
Geo Pardy, Selina Cuff

394.10  8 Nov 1899      Petites                                                 Burgeo & La Poile
James Stagg             28 B            Fisherman       Methodist               Petites
Susan Griffen           28 S                            ---                     ---
H J Creasy
George Barnes, Winifred Morgan

434.3   18 June 1898    Grand Bank                                              Burin
John Richd Welsh        25 Bac          Fisherman       Methodist               Grand Bank
Mary Jane Stagg         25 Spin                         Methodist               Grand Bank
C W Durrant
Susan Brown, Esther Jane Diamond

Book 4 (1901 - 1905)

46.4    31 Oct 1903     Gower St Parsonage                                      St John's
Fredk Stagg             29 B            Fishing         Meth                    Greenspond
Ella Hunter             23 S                            Meth                    Salvage
J L Dawson
Arthur Vivian, Susanna Vivian

197.15  28 Oct 1901     Little Catalina                                         Trinity
Jordan Johnson          25 B            Fishing         Meth                    Little Catalina
Mina Stagg              23 S                            Meth                    Little Catalina
Anthony Hill
Edward Stagg, Eliza Johnson

225.3   17 June 1904    Little Catalina                                         Trinity
James Walton            23 B            Fishing         Meth                    Little Catalina
Janie Stagg             21 S                            Meth                    Little Catalina
Wm Swann
Wm T Steed, Emily Johnston

230.13  6 January 1905  Little Catalina                                         Trinity
George Eddy             24 B            Fishing         Meth                    Little Catalina
Mary A Stagg            20 S                            Meth                    Little Catalina
W Swann
Simeon Steer, Caroline Sharp

268.11  9 Dec 1904      Newmans Cove                                            Bonavista
Mark Rolls              31 W            Fishing         Ch of England           Newmans Cove
Keziah Stagg            30 W                            Ch of England           Newmans Cove
A G Bayly
George Elliott, Emily Edwards

389.12  29 Feb 1904     Petites                                                 Burgeo & La Poile
Geo Wm Stagg            25 B            Fishing         Meth                    Petites
Lydia R Bond            19 S                            Meth                    Petites
E P Ward
James C Bond, Julia Gosse

Book 5 (1905 - 1908)

44.3    2 April 1907    St Marys Ch                                             St John's
Albert T Heath          28 B            Hairdresser     Ch of Eng               St John's
Elizabeth S Stagg       23 S                            Ch of Eng               St John's
Cyril Cogan
Samuel C Coish, Maud Heath

191.4   21 Dec 1905     Catalina                                                Trinity
Thos Carpenter          27 B            Fishing         Meth                    L Catalina
Margt Stagg             19 S                            Meth                    L Catalina
Wm Swann
Dorcas Eddy, Sarah J Tippett

205.5   15 May 1907     L Catalina                                              Trinity
William Eddy            24 B            Fishing         Meth                    L Catalina
Elizth J Stagg          18 S                            Meth                    L Catalina
I W Atkinson
Josiah Eddy, Adelaide Eddy

232.10  28 Dec 1905     Greenspond                                              Bonavista
Sidney White            26 B            Fishing         Meth                    Greenspond
Josephine Stagg         23 S                            Meth                    Shamblers Cove
J J Durrant
George White, Bessie Vivian

234.3   8 Feb 1906      Shamblers                                               Bonavista
Robt Maidment           23 B            Fishing         S.Army                  Shamblers Cove
Annie Stagg             19 S                            Methodist               Shamblers Cove
Adjt E Hiscock
Jessie Maidment, George Maidment

260.8   4 Dec 1907      Cape Freels                                             Bonavista
Henry Stagg             32 B            Fishing         Methodist               Cape Freels
Sarah A Gudger          20 S                            Methodist               [blank]
S Edwards
Jeremiah Stokes, Ellen Stagg

385.12  19 March 1908   Petites                                                 Burgeo & La Poile
Elias Manger            24 B            Fishing         Methodist               Petites
Lydia Stagg             24 W                            Methodist               [blank]
J Moore
Lydia F Berridge, Samuel Morgan

Book 6 (1909 - 1912)

235.5   14 Feb 1909     Bonavista                                               Bonavista
Giles Templeman         27 B            Fishing         Methodist               Bonavista
Jane Stagg              22 S                            Methodist               Bonavista
H Hatcher
Alfred Templeman, Bessie Templeman

237.9   5 June 1909     Bonavista                                               Bonavista
George Stagg            21 B            Fishing         Methodist               Bonavista
Mary Ann Cool           18 S                            Methodist               Bonavista
H C Hatcher
Henry Durdle, Fanny Cuff

237.11  8 June 1909     Bonavista                                               Bonavista
William Stagg           26 B            Fishing         Methodist               Bonavista
Martha Tremblett        16 S                            Methodist               Bonavista
H C Hatcher
James Keats, Agnes Stagg

244.9   4 Nov 1909      Cape Freels                                             Bonavista
Edward Stagg            23 B            Fishing         Methodist               Cape Freels
Annie Humphries         21 S                            Methodist               Greenspond
A A Holmes
Esau Stagg, Margaret Humphries

247.14  20 May 1910     Cape Cove                                               Bonavista
William T Stagg         21 B            Fishing         Methodist               Cape Cove
Eliza Humphries         18 S                            Methodist               Cape Cove
W Cotton
James Humphries, Ellen Stagg

252.4   14 Dec 1910     Bonavista                                               Bonavista
Thomas Stagg            25 B            Fishing         Ch of Eng               Bonavista
Mary Cuff               21 S                            Meth                    Bonavista
S Bennett
Arthur Cuff, Julia Cuff

252.11  30 Nov 1910     Newtown                                                 Bonavista
Joseph Stagg            25 B            Fishing         Methodist               Cape Cove
Gertie Goodyear         18 S                            Methodist               Cat Hr
W Cotton
Samuel Tiller, Alice Tiller

216.2   29 Aug 1911     Little Catalina                                         Trinity
Azariah Tibbett         23 B            Fishing         Meth                    Little Catalina
Susanna Stagg           18 S                            Meth                    Little Catlaina
R H Maddock
George Dalton, Elizabeth Eddy

224.7   5 June 1912     Little Catalina                                         Trinity
Edward Stag             26 B            Fishing         Meth                    Little Catalina
Myra M Stag             21 S                            Meth                    Little Catalina
R H Maddock
Jordan Johnson, Lizzie Eddy

98C.6   28 Oct 1912     St John's                                               St John's
George Bragg            26 B            Fishing         SA                      Shamblers Cove
Ellen Stagg             24 S                            SA                      Shamblers Cove
C A Whitemarsh
Frederick Stagg, Edith Bragg

274.13  24 Dec 1912     Shamblers Cove                                          Bonavista
George Stagg            21 B            Fishing         Meth                    Shamblers Cove
Beatrice Ford           18 S                            Meth                    Shamblers Cove
A C Bayly
Sidney White, Effie Burgess

Book 7 (1913 - 1916)

205.8   3 Oct 1914      Elliston                                                Trinity
Claude Stagg            21 B            Fishing         Ch of E                 Catalina
Lena King               19 S                            Meth                    Catalina
W H Dotchon
B Baker, Annie Trask

243.14  10 January 1914 Bonavista                                               Bonavista
John Stagg              33 B            Fishing         C of Eng                Bonavista
Martha Stagg            21 W                            SA                      Bonavista
Adj Brace
George Abbott, Beatrice Stagg

244.6   19 Feb 1914     Bonavista                                               Bonavista
Thomas Stagg            22 B            Fishing         C of E                  Bonavista
Rebecca Abbott          18 S                            Meth                    Bonavista
H G Pegg
Giles Templeman, Maggie Abbott

252.6   19 March 1915   Greenspond                                              Bonavista
John Bragg              20 B            Fishing         Sal Army                Shamblers Cove
Jessie Stagg            19 S                            Meth
E C French
Elsie Blackwood, Henry Vivian

62.3    17 June 1915    St John's                                               St John's
Henry White             31 [B or W]     Fishing         Meth                    Greenspond
Ethel B Stagg           19 S                            Meth                    Greenspond
C A Whitemarsh
Robert Bragg, Lena M Young

211.9   11 May 1915     Little Catalina                                         Trinity
James Stagg             27 B            Fishing         Meth                    Little Catalina
Eliza J Hunt            20 S                            Meth                    Little Catalina
W B Bugden
Levi Eddy, Susie Tippett

211.10  13 May 1915     Little Catalina                                         Trinity
Alfred Tippett          21 B            Fishing         Meth                    Little Catalina
Annie Stagg             17 S                            Meth                    Little Catalina
W B Bugden
William Eddy, Maud Johnson

211.12  29 May 1915     Little Catalina                                         Trinity
Thomas Stagg            28 B            Fishing         Meth                    Little Catalina
Nora Tippett            19 [S]                          Meth                    Little Catalina
W B Bugden
[blank], Rose Eddy

212.10  15 July 1915    Newmans Cove                                            Bonavista
John Thos Keats         20 B            Fishing         Meth                    Newmans Cove
Aurellia Stagg          17 S                            Meth                    Newmans Cove
W H Dotchon
Thomas Keats, Minnie Baker

260.10  23 Oct 1915     Bonavista                                               Bonavista
Albert John Stagg       25 B            Fisherman       Ch Eng                  Bonavista
Sarah Cuff              19 S                            Meth                    Bonavista
A G Bayly
Fred Hayward, Emily Cuff

261.13  29 January 1916 Bonavista                                               Bonavista
Elias Abbott            30 B            Fisherman       Methodist               Bonavista
Rebecca Stagg           19 W                            Methodist               Bonavista
C House
Alexander Abbott, Annie Grover

Book 8 (1917 - 1920)

244.2   30 June 1917    Bonavista                                               Bonavista
Isaac Paul              23 B            Labourer        Meth                    Bonavista
Beatrice Stagg          20 S            Domestic        Ch Engld                Bonavista
Adjt Earle
Julian Luff, Tobias Templeman

253.2   25 May 1918     Bonavista                                               Bonavista
Henry Mouland           24 B            Labourer        Meth                    Bonavista
Elizabeth Stagg         23 S            Domestic        SA                      Bonavista
Adjt Earle
John Mouland, Violet Mouland

217.8   7 Feb 1919      Catalina                                                Trinity
Edmund Stagg            24 B            Fishing         Meth                    Little Catalina
Elizabeth Ayles         20 S                            Meth                    Bonavista
E P Ward
Joseph Johnson, Susie Tippett

217.9   26 Feb 1919     Little Catalina                                         Trinity
Alexander Pearce        22 B            Fishing         Ch Engld                Elliston
Jessie May Stagg        16 S                            Meth                    Little Catalina
E P Ward
Hubert Chalk, Lizzie Eddy

405.6   28 Oct 1919     Petites                                                 Burgeo & La Poile
Arthur Bungay           23 B            Fishing         Ch Engld                Cul de Sac
Maria Stagg             19 S                            Meth                    Petites
A E Blundon
Garland Hatcher, Winnie Stagg

405.11  18 Nov 1919     Channel                                                 Burgeo & La Poile
Philip A Parson         23 B            Fishing         Ch Engld                Rose Blanche
Winnie Stagg            17 S                            Ch Engld                Rose Blanche
H J Read
Edward Parson, Estelle Stickland

270.14  12 Oct 1919     Cape Cove                                               Bonavista
Henry Stagg             45 W            Fishing         Meth                    Cape Cove
Louisa Andrews          40 W                            Meth                    Cape Isld
S Baggs
Jeremiah Stokes, Ellen Stagg

278.15  29 April 1920   Safe Harbor                                             Bonavista
Edward Attwood          20 B            Fishing         Meth                    Safe Hr
Priscilla Stagg         20 S                            Meth                    Loo Cove
Wm Harris
George Stagg, Emma Davis

Book 9 (1920 - 1922)

174.6   24 Dec 1922     Catalina                                                Trinity
Augustus Stagg          22 B            Fishing         Ch Engld                Catalina
Rachel Sheppard         -- S                            Ch Engld                Catalina
R F Mercer
Mary Sheppard, John Bright

206.6   22 Dec 1922     Lumsden S                                               Bonavista
George Goodyear         24 B            Fishing         Meth                    Lumsden S
Louie Stagg             22 S                            Meth                    Lumsden S
H G [Twiste ?]
Lorenzo Wright, Wilhelmina Gibbons

Book 10 (1923 - 1926) [Bonavista and Trinity districts only]

230.6   24 Feb 1923     Chambler's Cove                                         Bonavista
John Stagg              29 B            Fishing         Meth                    Chambler's Cove
Lizzie Piercey          27 S                            Sal Army                Port Nelson
Ens. Porter
Lucy Bartlett, Abram Maidment

240.11  28 June 1924    Bonavista                                               Bonavista
William Stagg           38 B            Fishing         Ch Engld                Bonavista
Rhoda Hart              24 S                            Ch Engld                Bonavista
Comdt Ebsary
Thomas Stagg, Mary A Pardy

248.12  26 May 1925     Bonavista                                               Bonavista
Joseph Stagg            22 B            Fishing         S.Army                  Bonavista
Violet Pearl Fry        18 S                            S.Army                  Bonavista
Comdt Ebsary
George Skeffington, Alice Abbott

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