Shoal Harbour Methodist church records - Marriages for various surnames

What follows is a list of all marriage entries for the following surnames:

in the Shoal Harbour Methodist church records held at PANL as of September 2009. Also included are a number of entries that pertain to English Harbour and Salmon Cove, Trinity Bay, as well as other entries that may have caught my attention.

This list constitutes a typescript of my handwritten extraction from photocopies of the original records, which is to say that I may have inadvertantly introduced some errors while transcribing and typing... as always, you should double-check against the original records. That said, if you spot any mistakes that I have made, please let me know at

Some comments about these lists:

At PANL these records are in several volumes as follows:

The format of most of the entries that follow is as follows:

Entries are separated by one or more blank lines.

Marriages (1892 - 1975)

5   James Baker                 24 bachelor     Fisherman       Snooks Harbor, Random           father: James Baker
    Jessie Hiscock              22 spinster                     Salmon Cove, Trinity Bay        father: Fred Hiscock
    31 Dec 1892 in the School House, Broad Cove
    James [Cramm?], John [Baker?]

26  Darius Granter              23 bachelor     Lumberman       Gambo                           father: Samuel Gra[not photocopied]
    Elizabeth Ellis             21 spinster                                                     father: Charles Ell[not photocopied]
    16 Dec 1896 in the house of Simeon Osmond, Gambo
    Simeon Osmond, Caroline J Ivany

27  Job Golding                 20 bachelor     Lumberman       Gambo                           father: Peter Golding
    Eliza Jane Hill             19 spinster                     Indian Arm                      father: Joseph Hill
    16 Dec 1896 in the house of Simeon Osmond, Gambo
    John Golding, [Harriet?] Osmond

29  Moses Pelley                25 bachelor     Lumberman       George's Brook                  father: Fred Pelley
    Julia Fox Ellis             24 spinster                     George's Brook                  father: Charles Ellis
    9 Feb 1897 in the Parsonage at Shoal Harbour
    Edith Pelley, Malcolm Pelley

41  Jackson Greening            22 bachelor     Labourer        Clode Sound                     father: John Greening
    Annie Harris                20 spinster                     Clode Sound                     father: Roger Harris
    9 May 1898 in the Shoal Harbour Parsonage
    Fannie Rowsell, W J Hutcheson

William Harris                  23 bachelor     Lumberman       Clode Sound                     father: Roger Harris
Jessie Green                    19 spinster                     Clode Sound                     father: John Green
11 Sept 1900 in the Methodist Church, Shoal Harbour
Winnie Harris, [Jinnie ?] Greening

54  Silas Smith                 27 bachelor     Fisherman       Apsey Brook                     father: William Smith
    Caroline Hiscock            22 spinster                     Champney's West                 father: [blank]
    4 May 1901 in the Meth School House, Apsey Brook
    Luther Smith, Amy Smith, Thomas Loder, Emily Gudger, Allan Smith

Edward Harris                   24 bachelor     Labourer        Port Blandford                  father: [blank]
Mary Ellen Holloway             22 spinster                     Port Blandford                  father: [blank]
23 Dec 1902 in the Methodist Church, Clarenville
Alexander Holloway, Miss [Jinnie ?] Greening

Robert Skivington               27                              Musgravetown    Methodist       father: William
Emmie Jane Keats                21                              Musgravetown    Methodist       father: John
26 Oct [1903] at Port Blandford
Stephen Best, Mary Best

Jenkins Price                                                   Halifax, N Scotia
Nellie Glavem                                                   Garbour Grace, in district of Harbour Grace
6 Dec 1904 at Clarenville
Lillian Whalen, Caroline C Greening

Robert Eastman                  54 widower      Carpenter       Shoal Harbour
Emily Ellis                     46 widow                        Clarenville     Methodists
27 Aug 1906 in the house of Samuel Wells
James S Butler, Lizzie [S?] Butler

John Pike                       36 widower      Fisherman       Goose Bay
Hannah Ellis                    29 spinster                     Georges Brook   Meth
19 Oct 1906 at the Parsonage, Shoal Harbour
Ernest Ellis, Charlotte Ellis
[Hannah signed her name as "Anna Ellis"]

103 George Ellis                25 bachelor     Lumberman       Georges Brook   Meth            father: Chas Ellis
    Alice Stanley               18 spinster                     Georges Brook   Meth            father: Wm Stanley
    24 Feb 1909 at Georges Brook
    Eleazar Stanley, Harriett Stanley

141 Josiah Hiscock              27 bachelor     Fisherman       Champneys T Bay
    Esther Barnes               24 spinster     none            Champneys T Bay
    24 Nov 1916 in the Church at Shoal Harbour
    Bond Barnes, Lizzie Barnes

145 Caleb Stanley           [51 or 57] widower  Mill owner      George's Brook
    Flora Jane Ellis            49 widow        none            George's Brook
    16 January 1917 in the house of Mrs F J Ellis at George's Brook
    Elin Ellis, Emma Stanley

147 James Adams                 20 bachelor     Laborer         Millton
    Caroline White              20 spinster     none            Champneys
    19 Feb 1917 in the Church at George's Brook
    William Adams, Eva Adams

66  Alfred Pike                 21 bachelor     Fisherman       Jamestown BB
    Aurora Quinton              20 spinster                     Charleston
    7 Oct 1919 in the Salvation Barrack, Charleston
    Edgar Quinton, Annie Frye

156 John Little                 38 widw         Labourer        Musgravetown                    U.Church
    Mytris Greening             33 spinster     Domestic        Musgravetown                    U.Church
    22 June 1940 in the United Church Parsonage, Shoal Hr
    Alison Wiseman, Anna Belle Peddle

199 Ronald Francis Leonard     [4?] widower                     Shoal Hr                        UC        [2nd digit of age not photocopied]
    Beulah Beatrice Freeman    [2?] spinster                    Champneys                       UC        [2nd digit of age not photocopied]
    12 Aug 1943 in the United Church, Shoal Hr
    Clayton Clouter, Genevieve Noseworthy

204 Richard Francis Strong      21 B                            Clarenville                     UC
    Nettie McKinnon Greening    22 S            Clerk           Clarenville                     UC
    30 Nov 1943 in the United Church, Clarenville
    Rennie Strong, Edna Greening

229 Gerald Monroe Stanley       20 B            Trucker         Clarenville                     UC
    Edna May Greening           21 S            Clerk           Clarenville                     UC
    7 Sept 1945 in the United Church Parsonage, Shoal Harbour
    Harold C Stanley, Alvina Stanley

230 Thomas Eloil Lodge          23 B            Lumberman       Bloomfield BB                   United Church
    Evelyn Myrtus Greening      19 S            Clerk           Bloomfield BB                   Church of England
    4 Oct 1945 in the Shoal Harbour United Church Parsonage
    Gordon Taverner, Mrs Gordon Taverner

246 Alfred Lloyd Adams          22 bach         Mill Labourer   Milton                          UC
    Dorothy Roxana Sheppard     19 spin         Domestic        Champneys                       C of Eng
    14 Nov 1946 in the United Church at George's Brook
    Hedley Adams, Clarice Adams

251 James Steven Greening       26 bach         Mill Worker at Dockyards        Clarenville     UC
    Sarah Beatrice Marsh        17 spin         Domestic                        Hillview        Ch of Eng
    17 April 1947 in the Clarenville United Church
    George D Greening, Edna Stanley

266 James Penney                48 widower      Carpenter       English Harbour                 Church of Eng
    Bertha Ivany                39 widow        Housework       Trinity                         Ch of Eng
    19 Dec 1947 in the home of Malcolm Ryan, Shoal Harbour
    Malcolm Ryan, Beatrice Ryan

285 Edward Roy Vardy            21 bach         Carpenter       Clarenville                     United Church
    Dorothy May Walters         22 spin         Housework       Champneys East                  Church of England
    4 January 1949 in the home of Alison Wiseman, Shoal Harbour
    Stan L Stanley, Maggie [G?] Stanley

289 Joseph Bursey               60 widower      School Janitor  Clarenville                     United Church
    Mrs Lucy Penney             63 widow        Housework       Champneys East                  Church of England
    22 Oct 1949 in the home of Alison Wiseman at Shoal Harbour
    Donald Bursey, Annie Burt

349 Munro Greening              19 bach         Fireman CNR     Clarenville                     UC                      born: Port Blandford
    Mary Margaret Neil          15 spin         At Home         Clarenville                     C of E                  born: St John's
    22 Feb 1955 in the United Church, Clarenville
    Lloyd W Durant, Edna M Stanley

352 Alfred Gordon Vardy         21 bach         RCN             Clarenville                     UC                      born: Clarenville 27 July 1933
    Hirvina Loretta Peddle      16 spin         Domestic        English Harbour                 UC                      born: Musgravetown
    17 June 1955 in the United Church, Clarenville
    Allan Vardy, Mabel Peddle

425 Patrick Anderson Barnes     25 bach         Telegraph Opr   Shoal Hr                        UC                      born: Shoal Hr
    Doris Elizabeth Greening    21 spin         Clerk           Shoal Hr                        UC                      born: Buchans
    1 Oct 1960 in the United Church, Shoal Harbour
    Ian Greening, [Bayna?] M Wiseman

431 Frederick Theodore Wiseman  22 bach         Teacher         Shoal Hr                        UC                      born: Shoal Hr
    Leah Margaret Ploughman     18 spin         Clerk           Shoal Hr                        Anglican                born: Champney's East
    10 Nov 1961 in the United Church, Shoal Harbour
    Eugene Wiseman, Edna Wiseman

17  John Lawrence Pike          21 bachelor     Accountant      Harbour Grace                   UC
    Betty Marie Keel            21 spinster     Stenographer    Bonavista                       UC
    5 Sept 1964 in the United Church, Shoal Harbour
    William Edwards, Betty Whiffin

31  Frederick Earl Bursey       19 bachelor     Labourer        Clarenville                     UC
    Sylvia Norma Greening       17 spinster     Stenographer    Shoal Harbour                   UC
    28 Aug 1965 in the United Church, Shoal Harbour
    Leslie Stanley, Doreen Greening

57  Delano Roosevelt Rose       22 bachelor     Plumber         Hillview                        United Church
    Alma Doreen Greening        20 spinster     Clerk           Clarenville                     United Church
    27 April 1968 in the United Church at Clarenville
    Eugene Strong, Margaret Greening

74  Kevin McKinnon Greening     19 B            Armed Forces    Shoal Hr                        United Church
    Shirley Victoria Harnum     22 S            Clerk           Shoal Hr                        United Church
    17 May 1969 in the Shoal Harbour United Church
    Gerald D Greening, Elaine S Mayne

116 Dale Geldart                33 widower      Signal Man CNR  Salisbury NB                    Baptist                 born: Salisbury NB
    Margaret Greening           28 S            Receptionist    Clarenville                     UC                      born: Milton
    26 Feb 1972 in the Clarenville United Church
    Doreen Rose, Wade Geldart

153 Lorne Freeman Greening      19 B            Electrician     Shoal Harbour                   United Church           born: Come By Chance
    Vivian Ann Strong           16 S            Waitress        Clarenville                     United Church           born: Come By Chance
    8 [March] 1975 in the Shoal Harbour United Church
    Nita Strong, Roy Greening

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