Cupids Methodist church records - Marriages for various surnames

What follows is a list of all marriage entries for the following surnames:

in the Cupids Methodist church records held at PANL as of October 2010. Also included are other entries that may have caught my attention.

This list constitutes a typescript of my handwritten extraction from photocopies of the original records, which is to say that I may have inadvertantly introduced some errors while transcribing and typing... as always, you should double-check against the original records. That said, if you spot any mistakes that I have made, please let me know at

Some comments about these lists:

At PANL these records are in a single volume as follows:

The format of most of the entries that follow is as follows:

Entries are separated by one or more blank lines.

Marriages (1837 - 1930)

John Hadderson                  bachelor        Planter                 Cupids
Emma Sheppard                   spinster        minor                   of the same place
9 June 1838 with consent of parents and friends
Jordan Sheppard, William H LeDrew, William M LeDrew, Thos Fox

William Pitcher                                 Planter                 Cupids
Sarah Noseworthy                                                        Cupids
[9?] Dec 1838
Thos Fox, Wm H LeDrew, John LeDrew

Samuel Noseworthy                                                       Cupids
Ann Noseworthy                                                          Cupids
23 May 1840
Thos Fox, Isaac Noseworthy, Thos Noseworthy

13  Solomon Ledrow                              Planter                 Cupids
    Mary Ann Sheppard
    13 Nov 1844
    Maryann Soper, Henry W Sheppard, Wm K Ledrow, Sarah Hinds, Moses Ledrow, Thomas Fox

Henry William Shephard                          Planter
Mary Ann Squires
18 Nov 1846
Abraham Ledrow, John Spracklin, William Noseworthy, Mary Ann Soper

26  Robert Taylor                               Fisherman               Cupids
    Priscilla Sheppard
    13 May 1854
    John Hedderson, Alexander Serrick

29  William Shepperd                            Fisherman               Cupids
    Priscilla Byrne
    4 Nov 1854
    John Smith, [Frank?] Sheppard, William Green

39  Jordan Sheppard                             Fisherman               Cupids
    Selina LeDrew
    11 Dec 1856
    Alex Turnbull, Saml Shepherd

42  Saml Noseworthy                                                     Cupids
    Maria Page
    18 Dec 1856
    Tobias Ledrow, Josh Nosworthy

Azariah Noseworthy                              Fisherman               Cupids
Alice Seymour
26 May 1857
Robert Reader, Moses Ledrow

50  Wm Nosworthy                                Fisherman               Cupids
    Julia Sheppard
    24 Nov 1857
    William Noseworthy, John Bailey, Charles Ledrow

57  William Wakeham                             Fisherman               Cupids
    Mary Nosworthy                                                      Salmon Cove
    13 May 1861
    Robert Bennett, Ann Wakeham

59  Anamias Bussey                                                      Cupids
    Matilda Jane Shepherd                                               Cupids
    27 Dec [1861]
    Moses Ledrow, Elizabeth Ledrow, William Smith

Thomas Smith                                                            Cupids
Emma Jane Noseworthy                                                    Cupids
18 [Mar or May] [1865?]
Samuel Spracklin, Julia Noseworthy, [unclear] Smith, Mary Jane [Hillier?], John Smith, William Ledrow

76  George Roberts                                                      Cupids
    Priscilla Noseworthy
    4 Dec 1874
    James [Iveney?] Roberts, Samuel Noseworthy

Albert Noseworthy               bachelor                                Cupids
Elizabeth Ann Ledrow            spinster                                Cupids
21 January 1875 at Cupids
Nathaniel Ledrow, Tabitha Norman

William Iveny                                   Fisherman               Cupids
Louisa Dawe                     spinster                                Cupids
31 May 1876
John Norman, Elizabeth Norman, Tabitha Norman

94  Mr Samuel Noseworthy
    Miss Harriett Coveyduque
    8 January 1877 at Cupids
    Theophilus Coveyduque, Mary Lundregen, Thomas Nosworthy, Mary Ann Nosworthy

Frederick Newbury                               Fisherman               Brigus
Mary Ann Nosworthy                                                      Cupids
9 January 1877
Benjamin Morgan, Charles Gape Newbury, Mary Jane Morgan, Naomi Reid

102  Thomas Ivamy                                                       Cupids
     Elizabeth Spracklin                                                Cupids
     18 Dec 1877
     Thomas Spracklin, Emma Spracklin, Samul Spracklin, Cecily Elzia Spracklin

103  Jonathan Nosworthy                                                 Cupids
     Mary Ann Whelan                                                    Cupids
     5 January 1878
     Francis Nosworthy, Susanna Whelan, Mary J Ledrew

Thomas Noseworthy                                                       Rip Rap (near Cupids)
Tryphena Newell                                                         Dock (near Bareneed)
10 June 1878 at Clarke's Beach
Robert Hussey, Margaret Sarah French, Thomas William Bussey, Mary Noseworthy

111  Edward Mercer                              Fisherman               Bay Roberts
     Rebecca Grace Seeley                                               Bareneed
     5 Dec 1878
     Mary G Boyd, [Olivia?] Coveyduck, Sarah P Morgan

113  Nathaniel Lidston                          Fisherman               Port De Grave
     Elizabeth Shepphard                                                Cupids
     27 January 1879
     James Ledrew, Priscilla Sheppard, Thomas William Shepphard, Elizabeth Ford, Henry Sheppard, Mary Ann Shepphard

118  James Bayley                               Fisherman               Cupids
     Eliza Noseworthy                                                   Riprap
     11 Nov 1879
     Thomas Noseworthy, Tryphena Noseworthy, Thomas Noseworthy, Selina Noseworthy

127  Frederick Wm Sheppard                      Fisherman               Cupids
     Sarah Sheppard                                                     Cupids
     13 June 1880
     Emma Spracklin, Emma Catherine Ford

130  Albert Noseworthy                          Fisherman               Cupids
     Mary Jane Ledrew                                                   Cupids
     15 Dec 1880
     Moses Ledrew, Susanna Whelan, Annie Smith, Margaret Reay

135  Samuel Sheppard                            Fisherman               Cupids
     Mary Ann Dowden                                                    Cupids
     2 Feb 1881
     Emma C Ford, Mary Ann Dawe

148  Robert Taylor                              Fisherman               South River
     Mary Jane Noseworthy                                               Rip Rap
     17 Nov 1882
     Thomas Noseworthy, Nathan Hussey, Joseph Noseworthy, Fanny Noseworthy, Margaret Newell, Annie Taylor

153  Henry Nosworthy                            Planter                 Rip Rap
     Grace Hussey                                                       South Side
     2 June 1883
     Charles Hussey, Mary Jane Nosworthy, John Nosworthy, Jessie Hussey

John Noseworthy                                                         Cupids
Elizabeth Bussey                                                        S S Cupids
[18] Dec 1883
Thomas W Bussey, James Butler, Hanah Bussey, Johanna [Costoe?]

159  Nathan Hussey                              Fisherman               Salmon Cove
     Phebe Noseworthy                                                   Rip Rap
     13 January [1884]
     Henry Thos Hussey, Mary Ann Hussey

169  Nathan Hussey
     Phebe Noseworthy
     13 January 1884
     Henry Thos Hussey, Mary An Hussey

177  Thomas William Lidsten                                             Salmon Cove
     Mary Jane Noseworthy                                               Rip Raps
     12 June 1886 at Rip Raps
     John Noseworthy, Elizabeth Spracklin

180  Jacob Daw                                                          Cupids
     Fanny Noseworthy                                                   Rip Raps
     [no date stated]
     Thos Nosworthy, Emily Coveyduck

Stephen Percy                                                           Brigus
Susanna Noseworthy                                                      Rip Raps
5 Nov 1887 at Rip Raps
Charles Percy, Elizabeth [H?] Percy

196  Thomas Sheppard
     Williamina Coombs                                                  both at Cupids
     24 Nov 1888 at the House of the Brides father
     George Coombs, Elizabeth P Lidston

208  William George Noseworthy                  Fisherman               Rip Rap
     Delphina Bussey                                                    Cupids
     14 Dec 1890
     John Noseworthy, Stephen Piercy, Mary Jane Bow, Elizabeth Noseworthy

224  John Adams                                 Fisherman               Salmon Cove
     Elizabeth Noseworthy                                               Rip Rap, Cupids
     31 Dec 1891 at the house of the Brides father, Rip Rap
     William George Noseworthy, Bertha Noseworthy

159/[393?] William Ivamy                46                              Cupids
           Mary Ann Norman              41                              Brigus
           27 March 1900 at Anthonys D H Rip Rap
           Jas Anthony, Patience Anthony

185/285  Charles L Sheppard             29      Fisherman               Cupids
         Clara L LeDrew                 24                              Cupids
         13 January 1900
         Beatrice Le Drew, Henry Le Drew, Naomi Sheppard

314  John Robert Noseworthy             26      Brick Maker             Rip Rap
     Miriam Reid                        23                              South River
     22 January 1902
     Everett Reid, Laura Reid, [Ae??pabla ?] Noseworthy, Annie Boone

315/420  Nath Mugford                   27                              Clarkes Beach
         Drusilla Ivaney                26                              Cupids
         23 January 1902 at Meth Ch Cupids
         Rob Dawe, Thos Ivaney

322  John Sheppard                      31      Fisherman               Roach Line
     Emily Byrnes                       21                              Cupids
     6 Dec 1902
     Christopher Bishop, Fannee [Rowe?]

341  Joseph John Noseworthy     B               Fisherman               Rip Raps
     Elizabeth Gushue           W                                       Brigus
     28 May 1904
     Jacobe Dawe, William Dawe, Emma Hussey

344  Jonathan Noseworthy                28      Fisherman               Rip Rap
     Wilhelmina Anthony                 24                              Salmon Cove
     22 Dec 1904
     Samuel Bailey, Mary Bailey

363  William Joseph Morris                      Methodist Minister      Trinity
     Susie Norman                                                       Cupids
     20 July 1906
     George Pickering, Ida L Smith, James Norman, Marcie Nosworthy

366  Herbert G Bandey                   36      Minister                NE Harbour NS
     Marcella Nosworthy                 29                              Clarke's Beach
     2 Oct 1916
     W B Nosworthy, L S Hue

367  Frederick H Hue                            Manufactur              Paspebiac Bonaventure Co Canada
     Mary Ella Nosworthy
     2 Oct 1906
     Rose Nosworthy, L S Hue

377  George Whelan                      26      Fisherman               Brigus
     Maria Noseworthy                   18                              Rip Rap
     20 Feb 1907
     James Coveyduck, George Richard

383  Thomas Mugford                     29      Fisherman               Clarke's Beach
     Emma Noseworthy                    29                              Cupids
     13 Nov 1907
     Jonathan Noseworthy, Wilhemina Noseworthy

405  Arthur Coombs                      30      Blacksmith              Cupids
     Eliza Sheppard                     28
     7 Nov 1909
     Bessie Greene, William Sheppard

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