Princeton, Bonavista Bay

The following photos were taken on 07 May 2013.

All photos are: Copyright © David Pike.

United Church Cemetery

This cemetery is located at 48° 25' 34" N, 53° 35' 13" W.

I photographed every headstone in the cemetery.

Raymond James White

Bertram White

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Walter White
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Samson White (husband of Maria)

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Alfred J White

William White (husband of Elizabeth)
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Caroline (wife of Walter White)
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George W White
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Edgar Quinton (son of Charles & Sarah)
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Wesley Quinton
Archibald Quinton
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Maria Quinton
died 12 April 1918
aged 61y 3m

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Sylvia Mugford

Fernie M Mugford

Clifford H Mugford

John & Mary Snow

Pte Walter White
Samson White

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Robert & Elizabeth White
Meta White
Bertha White
Frederick White
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Edward Quinton
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Martha Quinton

Northcliffe Quinton

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Albert C Prince
Bessie A Prince

June Prince

Horace Levi Prince

Miriam Ivany
Herman Ivany

Charles George Ivamy

Alexanderia Abbott

Andrew White

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Arthur White
Mary A White

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Alexander Abbott
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George Abbott

Doris M Abbott

Muriel M Frampton

John T Frampton

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