Brooklyn, Bonavista Bay

The following photos were taken on 07 May 2013.

All photos are: Copyright © David Pike.

Anglican Cemetery

This cemetery is located at 48° 23' 48" N, 53° 52' 8" W.

I photographed every headstone in the cemetery.

Margaret Ann Quinton

Sarah Ann Nichols

Marion Buell Nichols
Peter A C Nichols

Thomas Oldford
Elizabeth Oldford
Lucy Oldford
Vera Oldford

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Audio Clip
Job Oldford

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Cyril Oldford

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John Holloway
Ruben Holloway

Alexander Holloway
Charity Holloway

Elizabeth Holloway

Samuel Holloway
Maria Holloway

Stella M Holloway
Florence Holloway

David Holloway

David H Keates

Bertram T Keats
Clara N Keats

Bertram Keats

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Job Harris
Sarah Harris
William G Harris
Hubert Harris
Joseph Harris
Levi Harris

George Harris

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Mary Jane Harris

Thomas Moss
Elizabeth Moss

Henry T S Hancock
Charlotte Hancock

Florance Hancock

Lillian Hancock

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wife of H T Hancock

Barnabas Handcock

Providence Handcock

Robert James Hancock

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Theodore Kenslow Russell

John A Hancock
Elizabeth Hancock
Florence W Hancock

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Albert Chesley Cheffey

Meshach Daniel Stares
Mary Kirkland Stares
Alonzo Stares
Alberto Brace Stares
Annie Diamond Stares
Llewlyn Malcolm Stares
Oliphant David Stares
Ewan Nichols Stares

Little Guy

Constance Travers

Edward Matchem

Nina Matchem

Samuel Matchem
Elizabeth Matchem

William A Hancock

Augustus Hancock
Sarah Hancock

Hubert Reginald Barbour

James Russell
Emmie Russell

Rosie M Russell
Samuel G Russell

Judy Russell

Malcolm Stares

Alfonso Stares

Wolfe Stares

Nettie Stares

Gertrude Hancock
Francis M Hancock

Albert Wells

Fredrick C Oldford

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James Samson

Audio Clip
Caroline K Samson

E C Harris

Maxwell H Hancock

baby Hancock

Martha Hancock

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Mark Holloway
Winnifred Holloway

Watson Holloway

Roland Holloway

Basil Holloway
Annie M Holloway

James Harris

Annie Elizabeth Harris

Robert Russell
Kate Russell

Gilbert J Russell

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Edith Marion Coombs
Laurence Coombs

Laurence Coombs

Arabella Stares

David Stares

Alonzo Stares

Martha Hancock

baby Hancock

Maxwell H Hancock

George Russell
Rebecca Russell

Audio Clip

Maxwell Fiander

Etta L Fiander

James Matchim
Minnie V Matchim

Robert Geo Hancock

George Hancock
Ethel Hancock

Henry E Russell

Donald Ash

William Ash
Ruth Ash


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Arthur J Hancock

Samuel L Hancock
Phyllis Hancock

Richard Noble

Alfreda Noble

Albert Augustus Noble
Audrey Geraldine Noble

Eloil Ralph

Mark Hancock

Clarence Hancock

Isabel Hancock

Clarence J Ash

James Newell Ash

Annie Ash

Wilfred Ash

Charles Ralph
Ella G Ralph

James Matchim
Minnie V Matchim

William Harris
Tryphena Harris

Merab O Holloway

Dorothy Isabel May Holloway

Elizabeth M Holloway

Edward Holloway

Elizabeth Ann Harris

David Harris

Reuben Holloway
Lillian Holloway

Caroline Crewe

Susan Holloway
Eleazor Holloway

Esther Holloway

Job Holloway
Shirley Holloway

Alpheaus Hancock

Azariah Norman

Nellie Hilda Norman

Heber Hunter

Herman Hancock

Herbert B Hancock

Barbara Hancock

Mary Jane Russell
William John Russell
Eli Edward Russell
Pearl Jane Russell

Mary Hannah Hancock

Azariah R Hancock

James Harris
Harriet Harris

Harriett Harris

Capt William C Hancock
Daisy P Blackmore Hancock

Annie Miller Hancock

William John Hancock

Victor Hancock

Victor S Hancock

Margaret Hancock

Charles Hancock

Mary Isabella Hancock

Samuel Holloway
Martha Jane Holloway
Lewis James Holloway
James Howard Hancock Holloway
Phoebe Holloway

William Kirby Holloway
Florence Holloway
Wilfred Edrick Holloway

James Hancock
Phoebe Hancock
William M Hancock
John T Hancock

Edward Victor Howe

Anna Jane Sutton Howe
William George Howe

Annie Handcock
also children ELH, MH, Jos H, Trp H, VH

Selina Hancock

John Hancock
Theodore Hancock
John Albert Hancock

Caleb Hancock
Ellen Hancock

Ida Hancock

William Hancock

Naomi Andrews Haines
Charles Haines

Samuel Russell
Edith Russell

The cemetery below is just across the road from the one above. I photographed every headstone in the cemetery.

Kenneth Cross

Willis Hancock

Albert W Stares

Henry Lloyd Russell

Albert W Russell
Ruth C Russell

Douglas M Hancock

Jessie Gwendoline Nosworthy

Milton Edgar Tucker

Maxwell A Russell
Dolly Ida Russell

Edric Ash

Jean Joseph Weis

Roger Wayne Hancock

Calvin Ash
Maxine Ash

Llewellyn Russell

Llewellyn Russell

Nellie Laura Russell

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