1911 Census of Newfoundland - St. John's East

Most of the 1911 census is (still) missing. However, records from St. John's East were discovered in 1991 when the Anglican Cathedral Rectory was undergoing some renovations. The census booklets were found within some walls, apparently having been used as a form of insulation.

The documents are now in the custody of the Centre for Newfoundland Studies, where they can be found on microfilm reel number 584. Some of the records are next to impossible to read (due to damage sustained by the records).

Below is my transcription of the Pike entries, made on 22 June 2007. Most entries were lacking details of birthdate and place, despite the fact that there were spaces for this information to be written onto the census forms.

Regarding format, I've listed each entry beginning with the Ward number, the Dwelling number, and the Household number, and any other information about the specific location of the household.

If you came to this page directly, then you might want to know that I have additional information about the Pike families of Newfoundland on my website.

          Name                Sex  Relation     Status   Age   Religion   Occupation
          ==================  ===  ===========  ======   ===   ========   ==========

Ward 1, from Cuckolds Cove to Cochrane St E inclusive
542  649  Mount Cashel Insdustrial School
          Manuel Pike          M   Inmate                 11   RC         at school

Ward 2
102  111
          Pike Fanny           F   Head         Widow     55   Ch of Eng
          Pike Herbert         M   son          single    24   Ch of Eng  Sailor
          Pike Isabel          F   daug         single    22   Ch of Eng  Sales Lady
          Pike Stanley         M   son          single    20   Ch of Eng  Sales man
          Pike Stella          F   daug         single    12   Ch of Eng  at school
          Leo Lizzie           F   boarder      single    60   Rom Cath

Ward 2
127  137
          Mews Mary            F   Head         married   42   Meth
          Mews William         M   husband      married   41   Meth       Accountant
          Mews Allison         F   daug         married   10   Meth       at school                     [likely "single" was meant]
          Mews Hubert          M   son          single    09   Meth       at school
          Mews Eugenie         F   daug         single    06   Meth       at school
          Mews Florence        F   daug         single    02   Meth
          Pike Janet           F   servant      single    25   Sal Army   Domestic

Ward 2
251  276, B F College
          Pike Harold          M   boarder      single    16   Ch Eng     at school

Ward 2
265  295
          Pike Emma            F   Head         married   34   Meth
          Pike Fred            M   husband      married   36   Meth       Salesman
          Pike Kathleen        F   daug         single    09   Meth       at school
          Whitten Charlotte    F   mother       widow     75   Ch of Eng
     296  Spearns Annie        F   head         married   50   Rom Cath
          Spearns Martin       M   husband      married   47   Rom Cath   Grocer

Ward 3
 30   33, Long's Hill
          Strat Pike           M   boarder      single    16   Meth       school

Ward 3
162  178, Masonic Ter
          Ada Norcoll          F   head         married   38   Congreg    Private Income                [possibly "Norcott" is the surname]
          Herbert Norcoll      M   son          single    12   Ch Eng     school
          Ethel Norcoll        F   daughter     single    10   Ch Eng     school
          Doris Norcoll        F   daughter     single     7   Ch Eng     school
          William Norcoll      M   son          single     5   Ch Eng     none
          Frank Norcoll        M   son          single     3   Ch Eng     none
          Isabella Tucker      F   sister       widow     51   Congreg    none
          Florence Pike        F   niece        single    11   Congreg    school

Ward 5
181  200
          James Pike           M   Head         married   57   Ch.Eng     Salesman
          Susanna Pike         F   wife         married   54   Ch.Eng
          Snowden Pike         M   son          single    23   Ch.Eng     Shop Keeper
          Elsie Pike           F   daughter     single    12   Ch.Eng     at school
          Minnie Brown         F   servant      single    16   Ch.Eng
182  201
          John Pike            M   Head         married   31   Ch.Eng     Steward
          Bertha Pike          F   wife         married   28   Ch.Eng
          Edgar G Pike         M   son          single     1   Ch.Eng
          James Pike           M   brother      single    26   Ch.Eng     Jeweller

Ward 5
245  277
          Ernest Pike              Head         widower   40   Meth       Tailor
          Winnifred Pike           daughter     single    16   Meth

Ward 5
253  285
          Archibald Pike       M   Head         married   45   Ch Eng     Tobacco Maker
          Mary A Pike          F   wife         married   50   Ch Eng

Ward 5
271  305
          Thomas Fleming       M   Head         married   20   Rom Cath   Tailor
          Mary Fleming         F   wife         married   20   Rom Cath
          Alice Fleming        F   daughter     single     1   Rom Cath
          William Pike         M   Head         married   26   Meth       Painter                       [a margin note appears to say "Claimed by S. A."]
          Eliza Pike           F   wife         married   26   Meth
          Ida Pike             F   daughter     single     4   Meth
          Florence Pike        F   daughter     single     1   Meth

Ward 5
323  372
          Catherine St John    F   Head         widow     50   Rom Cath
          John St John         M   son          single    26   Rom Cath   Accountant
          Mary St John         F   daughter     single    22   Rom Cath
          Mary Pike            F   servant      single    27   Rom Cath   Servant

Ward 5
341  392
          Edwin Parsons        M   Head         married   46   Meth       Shop Keeper
          Clara Parsons        F   wife         married   47   Meth
          Irene Parsons        F   daughter     single    17   Meth       at school
          Harold G Parsons     M   son          single    14   Meth       at school
          Annie Pike           F   sister-in-law  single  38   Meth

Ward 5
400  459  [this looks like it is for a boarding college]
          Mary Pike            F   servant                50   Rom Cath   Servant

Ward 4
422  523
          Isaac Snow           M   Head         married   56   Meth       Fisherman
          Drucilla Snow        F   wife         married   48   Meth
          Mary Pike            F   step-daughter  single   7   Meth       at school

Ward 4
446  550
          William J Bugden     M   Head         married   44   Ch of Eng  Salesman
          Emily Bugden         F   wife         married   54   Ch of Eng  Boarding Mistress
          Phoebe Bugden        F   daughter     single    12   Ch of Eng  at school
          Edith Bugden         F   daughter     single    10   Ch of Eng  at school
          Reginald Kerder      M   boarder      single    31   Meth       Salesman
          Edwin Godden         M   boarder      single    26   Ch of Eng  Salesman
          Stephen J Pike       M   boarder      single    23   Meth       Salesman
          Alice Bursey         F   servant      single    21   Meth       Servant

Ward 4
461  471
          Henry Olsen          M   Head        married [blank] Meth       Tidewaiter
          Marth Olsen          F   wife         married   59   Meth       Boarding Mistress
          Nellie Bowden        F   step-daughter single   22   Meth
          Donald Nicholson     M   boarder      single    31   Presby     Salesman
          Lewis Hue            M   boarder      single    28   Ch of Eng  Travelling Agent
          Diademia Pike        F   boarder      single    25   Meth       Teacher

Ward 4
494  615
          Emma Pike            F   Head         single    50   Rom Cath   Boarding Mistress
          Sarah Pike           F   sister       single    45   Rom Cath
          Elizabeth Pike       F   sister       single    35   Rom Cath   Super Operator - Telephone Office
          Wililam McAudie      M   boarder      married   60   No particular religion       Agent                       [surname might be "McAndie"]
          Susan Pearce         F   servant      single    22   Ch of Eng  Servant

Ward 4
558  693
          Raymond Cram         F   Head         married   51   Meth       Salesman
          Emily Cram           F   wife         married   42   Meth
          Ella Pike            F   sister-in-law  single  40   Meth

Ward 4
598  747
          Solomon Baggs        M   Head         married   59   Meth       Labourer                                      [a large Thompson family is at 598 746]
          Isabel Baggs         F   wife         married   55   Meth
          Arthur Pike          M   stepson      single    24   Meth

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