Scottish Country Dance Music


St. John's Own Scottish Country Dance Band

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We play for the dances of the St. John's (Newfoundland) Branch of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society.
The Branch has published two books of dances and one of our music. Have a look at what they offer.
We have a very large collection of SCD tunes.
I am working on creating an online listing of the tunes in our collection in abc format. Some are ready now! Look at
My own jigs. or My own reels, or My own strathspeys, or Other jigs.

Note that the names of the tune files have had all spaces and punctuation marks removed. This is to help with the following:
perhaps the most comprehensive collection of Scottish Dance tunes can be obtained from:
John Chambers' WEB site
For a complete collection of my tunes in pdf format, go to
jigs, slip jigs, reels, strathspeys, schottisches, or waltzes.
Also, why don't you read my essay on Playing for Scottish Country Dance Music.