The AARMS Collaborative Research Group in Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing

stjohnsmun Group Administrator: Ronald D. Haynes (Memorial University), contact rhaynes AT mun dot ca

Upcoming Workshops

2016 AARMS-CRM Workshop on Numerical Analysis of Singularly Perturbed Differential Equations, July 25 - 29, 2016, Halifax, NS, Canada

Past Workshops

"Domain Decomposition and Parallel Methods for PDEs", Collaborative Workshop and Short Course, Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS, Canada, Aug 4-8, 2015.

Please head to the Workshop webpage for more information.

"Recent Developments in Adaptive Methods for PDEs", Collaborative Workshop and Short Course, Memorial University of Newfoundland, St. John's, NL, Canada, Aug 17-22, 2014.

Please head to the Workshop webpage for more information.


Good News! The CRG has just received word of funding from AARMS to support our activities for 2015-2017. Stay tuned!

The creation of this group will provide a focal point for activity in pure numerical analysis and the many ongoing collaborative initiatives with earth scientists, geophysics, oceanographers and petroleum engineers. The mission of the group is to:


More information about group members can be found by following the links below.

Lead group organizers:

Atlantic Canada Collaborators:

National and International Collaborators and Advisory Group:

The following national and international researchers have agreed to act in an advisory role for the group, with the potential of more active involvement as research projects evolve. Huang and Gander will be invited to lead workshops for the CRG.

Background and Current Situation

Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing (NASC) has a long history in Canada and the Atlantic region. Indeed two of the lead group organizers (Brunner and Muir) have both been working in the region for over 25 years. In addition to Brunner and Muir, the last 10 years has seen some additional hires in Numerical Analysis (Haynes at Memorial, Chen at UCB) and many additional faculty members (our Atlantic Canada collaborators for example) working in related and computationally intensive disciplines (fluid mechanics, oceanography, computational fluid dynamics, geophysics, oil reservoir simulation etc -- Alam, Karsten, Kocabiyik).

The current group are all research active, externally funded, producing quality papers, and active participants in the supervision of graduate and undergraduate students. Current interaction amongst group members is limited to semi--regular meetings at annual regional (Bluenose Computational and Applied Math Day), national (CAIMS) and international (SIAM, Scicade) conferences.

The last couple of years has seen the formation of interdisciplinary groups formed to primarily solve industrially relevant problems.

The CAG group at Memorial which includes group members Haynes and Farquharson is one such example here in Atlantic Canada.

Nationally, NASC is a vibrant discipline. This is evident from the fact that the upcoming CAIMS 2013 annual meeting in Quebec city will feature the First Canadian Symposium in Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing (CSNASC). This event (organized in part by Haynes) looks to attract more than 60 speakers.

The creation of an AARMS supported CRG in Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing would provide a focal point and a collective critical mass of researchers in the field not possible within individual institutions. The elevated profile generated by the creation of the CRG would spur growth in the field by attracting students, the creation of NASC positions with departments and the creation of externally funded research chair positions.

Much of our work is computationally intensive. Computational resources to support the group's work are provided by an individual researcher's existing compute infrastructure, ACEnet, a medium sized traditional compute cluster within (CAGG) and newly awarded CFI grant (Haynes and Farquharson) to purchase a GPU cluster.

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