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The Integration of the Internet into Language Teaching

By: Zhuqing Chen

    The web site is intended for junior high school teachers in China, who teach English as a Foreign Language (EFL). It also can be used as a resource by teachers who are using Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) approach in English teaching, or those who are interested in learning how the Internet can be linked to classroom practice. It will provide the teachers a better understanding on CLT approach, a resourceful link to authentic materials, and an innovative way as combining the Internet with language classroom.

    The web site comprises a brief description of current Communicative Language Teaching approach, some thoughts on the importance of using authentic materials and how to overcome the drawbacks when using them. What's more, in order to help the teachers to find a better way to retrieve authentic materials and to create a meaningful learning environment, the web site contains an exploration of how to integrate the Internet into CLT to achieve this goal, a tentative design of a variety of on-line activities, and links to interesting on-line materials which can be used in English as Foreign language classrooms.

Rationale for creating this resource

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