Curriculum Vitae


Nabil Shalaby
Associate Professor
Ph.D. McMaster, MA York.
Fellow of The Society for Combinatorics and. its Applications (FTICA).
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Memorial University of Newfoundland


Office: HH-3035
Phone: (709) 737-8071
Fax: (709) 737-3010
E-mail: nshalaby@math.mun.ca

Welcome to my Web Page. My research focuses mainly on Combinatorial Designs, Skolem type sequences, covering and packing desing with applications. Also some graph labeling problems. A represntative on my research is:

  • Shalaby, Nabil The existence of Near-Rosa and Hooked Near-Rosa sequences, Discrete Math. 261 (2003) 435-450.
  • Shalaby, Nabil; Wang, Jianmin; Yin, Jianxing Existence of perfect 4-deletion-correcting codes with length six. Special issue in honour of Ronald C. Mullin, Part II. Des. Codes Cryptogr. 27 (2002), no. 1-2, 145-156. MR 1 923 400.
  • Dinitz, Jeff; Shalaby Nabil Block disjoint difference families of Steiner triple systems the case of v=3 mod 6, J. Statistical Planning and inference accepted.
  • Shalaby, N.; Yin, J. Maximum complementary P3 coverings of Kv. Accepted in Ars Combinatorica.
  • Pike, David A.; Shalaby, Nabil The use of Skolem sequences to generate perfect one-factorizations. Ars Combin. 59 (2001), 153-159. MR 2002a:05202.
  • Rees, Rolf; Shalaby, Nabil Simple and indecomposable twofold cyclic triple systems from Skolem sequences. J. Combin. Des. 8 (2000), no. 6, 402-410. (Reviewer: A. Rosa) MR 2001i:05034.