Project NExTMAC:
New Experiences in Teaching Mathematics Across Canada

About the Project

Project NExTMAC is a professional development programme for junior mathematics and statistics faculty at Canadian universities. Central to the programme is an annual workshop, usually held in tandem with the Summer Meeting of the CMS. As new faculty often do not have the benefit of teaching experience, it is the primary goal of these workshops to provide information and resources that will enable the participants to become better and more effective teachers of mathematics and/or statistics, which in turn will stimulate better learning by students.

Since activities and responsibilities that are not directly tied to teaching can have profound effects on teaching effectiveness, our workshops also address other issues that impact on the overall success and well-being of junior faculty. These can include avoiding taking on too many academic service commitments, struggling to establish and maintain a research program, coping with academic politics, protecting one's personal time from being overwhelmed by professional duties, and other issues that junior faculty face as they make the adjustment from being graduate students to being university faculty.

The project is modelled on a similar project (Project NExT) that has operated in the United States since 1994.

June 2004 National Workshop

The third Project NExTMAC National Workshop will be held on Saturday June 12th 2004, at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and will be immediately followed by the 2004 CMS Summer Meeting.

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