Signal Hill, Torbay, and Cape St. Francis

All photos are: Copyright © David Pike.
16 May 2003 (Friday):

An iceberg off of Cape Spear:

03 June 2003 (Tuesday) in the afternoon:

Here's a nice photo taken from Signal Hill, showing some ruins in the foreground and Cape Spear in the background, as well as an iceberg and a Coast Guard ship:

08 June 2003 (Sunday) in the evening:

We begin with a bunch of photos taken from Signal Hill:

And now I've driven up to Torbay, where there were 3 icebergs in the harbour:

Hiking down Gallow Cove Road was this little clump of flowers:

And then I drove even further north to Cape St. Francis, where the sun set over Conception Bay. This first photo though is on the Atlantic side of the cape:

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