All photos are: Copyright © David Pike.
09 June 2003 (Monday):

Beginning at Cape Spear, I started taking photos as I hiked up to Blackhead point.

Bits of ice had washed ashore. On my way back I picked one up and brought it home.

I've now started the ascent up to Blackhead point, so we begin to see shots taken from above:

Here's a shot of Fort Amherst, the Narrows, the Cabot Tower, and an iceberg off of Signal Hill:

And along came the Scademia with a bunch of tourists. At this stage, I'm up on top of Blackhead point:

To get the next several shots, I climbed down over the cliff at Blackhead point:

By now I'm back near Cape Spear:

These last 2 shots were taken at Blackhead community:

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