Gros Morne National Park ... 25-26 August 2001

Here are some photos that I took while visiting Gros Morne National Park.

All photos are: Copyright © David Pike.

On 25 August we set out to hike Gros Morne mountain. The hike begins with a trail from the parking area to the base of the mountain. Looking south we get this view:

And to the north is Gros Morne mountain:

Looking south and west as we approach the base of the mountain, we get some nice views of land and sea:

Still ahead is the mountain (seen on the left of this photo). Several hours later we'll descend the mountain and come back through this valley:

Here we continue to approach the base of the mountain. Our ascent will take us directly up the gulley of scree that we see in this photo:

A moose. Notice also the scree at the base of the mountain (shown at the top of the photo):

Looking into the valley from which we will later exit:

The path we will ascend:

And as we begin our ascent, here's another look to the right, into the valley that we'll later exit through:

This shot was taken as we climbed up the scree. Down below you can see the pond where we saw the moose earlier, as well as footbridge over a stream that fed into the pond (toward the left side of the photo):

Still ascending, here's the view behind us:

Looking back and a little left:

And we're still ascending. Here's the view behind us, and a bit to the right:

And here's where I stopped and took 2 pictures: one looking at the climb still ahead, and one looking behind from where we've come:

Towards the top of the scree we turn left and go up some more scree. Having made this turn, here's a view looking back and to the right, where we can see the mountain slowing turning into more scree:

And here's the view from a bit further up, looking back at the turn in the scree:

And now we've finally gotten away from the slope on the side of the mountain. Up top it's like a plateau, though we still have to go uphill to get to the summit:

Getting closer to the summit, here's a nice view behind us, looking back onto Bonne Bay:

This is me. As you can see, the plateau has a lot of scree too:

Looking back again, this time at the inner portion of Bonne Bay:

The same view, this time with the aid of the zoom lens on my camera. It's a spectacular view of the tablelands to the south of us:

Still hiking uphill to the summit, to the west there was a small herd of caribou:

And at last, the summit, at 806 metres above sea level:

Now past the summit, we get our first views to the north, which make for a marvellous backdrop for Serpil:

This shot looks eastward:

I think this shot looks northeastward. Anyway, there's a fjord right in front of us, which provided many scenic vistas as we continued our hike:

Looking northward again:



I took two shots of the view to the west, with Ten Mile Pond down below. The reason for the 2 shots is that the wind was very very strong and I was worried the photos would come out blurry:

Now we have a sequence of several photos of Ten Mile Pond and the fjord on the north side of Gros Morne mountain, as we hike eastward along the cliff above the fjord:

The top of Ten Mile Pond:

Looking east, further up the fjord in which Ten Mile Pond is found:

Looking back at Ten Mile Pond:

And looking inland in the fjord again:

On the other side of the fjord we see a waterfall that's forming a rainbow in the sunshine:

Now somewhere on the east side of Gros Morne mountain, we slowly decend down the side of the mountain and through the valley that we saw earlier as we first approached the base of the mountain:

The path, and the valley down below:

As we exit the valley and come around the mountain, we have this wonderful view to the southwest:

And now we get to look back into the valley from which we have now come:

We're now going away from the mountain, where we can look back at the scree that we earlier ascended:

The valley again:

And another view of the scree and our path up the mountain:

The peak that was to our right as we approached Gros Morne earlier in the day:

This cute little fellow posed for us several times. He stood on all fours, sat down, lay down, etc:

A stream that we crossed, close to the parking area:

26 August 2001

Here's the view of the mountain as seen from the roadside, near the turnoff to the Visitors' Centre:

And now we begin the hike in to the tour boats at Western Brook Pond:

Here's the wharf for the tour boats:

And now we're on the water:

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