20 March 1703 Will of Thomas Pike of Poole (proved 03 January 1707)

The original will can be obtained online from The National Archives.

Source: TNA, Prob/11/499

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In the Name of God Amen
this Twentieth day of March in the year of our Lord
1703/4 I Thomas Pike of Poole in the County of Dorsett Mariner
being now bound out in a voyage to the Newfound Land and
knowing the uncertainty of this my natural Life I have thought
fitt to settle things in order before I dye making all other Wills
null and void which have been formerly made by me and 
confirming this to be my last Will and Testament First I
committ my Soul into the hands of Almighty God to dispose
of it in mercy as he pleaseth And as to my worldly Goods and
Estate that the Lord hat lent to me my Will and desire is that
after my decease the same shall be bestowed as followeth Item I
give unto my Wife Susanna Pike All my Household goods

and my Lease att Uptain Weill And one Hundred and
Twenty pounds due to me upon Bond and Pickits Morgage
and her Thirds in the Living att Lichett all this I do give and
bequeath unto my Wife to breed my Children and to pay my
Debts Item I give and bequeath unto my Four Sons Fifty
pounds a peice after my Decease Item I give the Living that
I bought of Cheseman equally between my Four Sons after
my youngest Child is Fourteen years of Age my Sons shall
have it equally betwixt them Item I give the Rent of the
Liveing till my youngest Child is Fouteen years of Age to
breed my Three youngest Children Item I give and bequeath
unto my Three Daughters One Hundred pounds a peice
out of Zachariah Barneses Morgage and my Will and
desire is that the Money may remain upon that Morgage
if I should happen to dye this voyage and they do force to pay
in the Money in such case you shall not receive it till you
can gett the like security for the Children that are not of Age
that they may have the use of there Money after my decease
Item I give and bequeath unto my Three Daughters each
of them a House in Poole as they come of Age they shall take
their choice Item my Will and desire is that if any of my
Sons should happen to dye before they come to be of Age my
Sons that be alive shall have their parts equally betwixt
them that be alive And if it should so happen that my
Daughters should dye before they be of Age my Will and
desire is that their parts shall be equally divided betwixt
my Daughters that be alive Item I give my Plantation
and Stock to my two Eldest Sons and if it be not distroyed
they must pay One Hundred pounds out of it to be divided
betwixt the rest of my Children Equally But in case my
Money upon Bond or Pickitts Morgage should be lost
and not paid then this Hundred pound shall be to pay my
Debts And I do appoint my two Brothers Timothy Bird
and Edward Bird to be my Freinds in Trust to see that
my Children be not wronged And I do appoint my two
Eldest Sons Thomas Pike and John Pike to by my Executors
Item I give unto my Sister Margarett Carde one Guinea
after my decease And I do desire my Freinds in Trust and
my Executors to see that this my last Will may be rightly
and truely performed and fullfilled In Wittness whereof
have hereunto putt my hand and seal the day and year
above written // Thomas Picke Signed sealed published
and declared by the above Named Thomas Pike these
presents to be his last Will and Testament in presence
of Timothy Sparrire John Cartridge Charles Vincent //

The will is indexed as having been proved on 03 January 1708, but the writing states that it was proved on "Tertio die Mensis Jannary Anno D?? (Stylo Anglice) Millimo septingenino septimo".
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