Open Hall, Bonavista Bay

The following photos were taken on 20 September 2015.

All photos are: Copyright © David Pike.

Anglican Cemetery

This cemetery is located at 48° 32' 59" N, 53° 28' 17" W.

I photographed every headstone in the cemetery.

James Gould
(husband of Elizabeth)

Elizabeth Gould

Mary Ann Gould
(mother of Charles)

Martha Jane Fitzgerald
(wife of James McB, mother of Ronald & Albert)

James McBriar Fitzgerald

Hannah Fitzgerald

Walter Fitzgerald
(son of John & Lucinda)

John Fitzgerald
also his wife Lucinda
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Walter Bertram Fitzgerald

John E Fitzgerald
Mary Fitzgerald

George & Elizabeth Gould
also their children Charles, Chesley, Eleanor

Joshua Warren

Mary K Warren

Mary Warren
(daughter of Joshua & Mary K)
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Capt. William Gould

Emily Gould

William Gould
also his son John
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Martha Handcock
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William Gould

Catherine Gould
(wife of William)

John Gould
also his wife Janet

Harold C Russell
(husband of Mary Ann)
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Mary Ann Russell

Samuel Russell

James J Philpott

Walter Philpott

Emmaline Philpott

Thomas Richard Philpott
(husband of Emmaline)

James Philpott
Elizabeth Philpott

William James Philpott
John Philpott
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John Batt
Sarah J Batt
(parents of Emily)
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Samuel Warren
Hannah Warren
also their sons John, James
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Barnabas Batt

James Batt
Elizabeth Batt
(parents of Catherine Miles)

Douglas Batt

Thomas Moss

Florence Muggridge
Raymond Muggridge

Mary Ann Muggridge
(wife of Walter)

Walter Muggridge
(husband of Mary Ann)

Annie Muggridge

Elizabeth Ann Muggridge

Alice Fitzgerald
(wife of William)

William Fitzgerald
(husband of Alice)
also his son James

Elizabeth Fitzgerald
(wife of Thomas)

James Fitzgerald

Sarah Fitzgerald
(wife of James)

Robert Fitzgerald

Martha Fitzgerald
(wife of Robert)
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Sarah Fitzgerald
(wife of Edward)

Catherine Miles
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Henry Miles
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John Alexander Miles
(son of Catherine)

Katie Theresa Miles
(child of John A & Sarah)
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