2013 AARMS Mathematical Biology Workshop

Room 1046/1043 Arts and Administration Building
Memorial University
St John's, Newfoundland
Sat-Mon July 27-29, 2013
Amy Hurford, MUN
Xiaoqiang Zhao, MUN
Plenary speakers
Edward Allen, Texas Tech University
Linda Allen, Texas Tech University
Steve Cantrell, University of Miami
Odo Diekmann, Utrecht University
Simon Levin, Princeton University
Mark Lewis, University of Alberta
Philip Maini, Oxford University

The 2013 AARMS Mathematical Biology Workshop will bring researchers interested in mathematical biology to Atlantic Canada. The meeting will consist of 3 days of short research talks. Some partial funding is available to support the participation of graduate students and postdoctoral fellows (see below).


Registration is $50 (graduate students and postdocs exempt). Registration is now closed. If you wish to attend the workshop, you will need to please contact Amy Hurford. After you have contacted me you may submit your registration information here.

List of Registered Participants

Schedule of talks

Submission of abstracts is now closed. If you wish to submit an abstract please contact me. After you have contacted me, you may submit your abstract here. Contributed talks should be 25 minutes with 5 minutes for questions. Please load your talk onto the computer before the start of your session.

Schedule of Talks (html) (updated July 26)

List of Talks (pdf) (updated July 26)

Book of Abstracts (pdf) (updated July 26)

A hardcopy of the List of Talks, but not the Book of Abstracts, will be provided at registration. If you wish to have a hardcopy of the Book of Abstracts please print a copy from the link above.

Simon Levin's public lecture will be 4.30pm Sunday July 28 in IIC-2001.


Banquet sign-up is now closed. The banquet will be held at the Suncor Energy Fluvarium at 5 Nagles Place on Sunday July 28 from 6-9pm. Menu choices are Chicken, Salmon, or Vegeterian. Tickets are $10 for graduate students and postdocs. Tickets are included with the $50 registration fee for faculty members. Additional banquet tickets are $30.

List of banquet attendees

Travel support

For US participants

Since the 2013 AARMS Workshop on Mathematical Biology is one of the events in the pan-Canadian thematic year "Models and Methods in Ecology, Epidemiology and Public Health", junior workshop participants at US institutions can apply for travel support from a grant from the US National Science Foundation. To apply, please send a brief CV (2 pages maximum) and a statement of interest including estimated cost for travel and accommodation (1 page maximum) in a single file (pdf format) to Frithjof Lutscher (flutsche@uottawa.ca). Students and postdoctoral fellows should also arrange for one letter of support to be sent to the same address. All emails should have the subject line "NSF support for M2E2 - AARMS Math Bio Workshop". Review of applications begins two months prior to the event and continues as long as funds are available.

For other participants

Other graduate students and postdocs requesting travel support should send an email to Amy Hurford with the title 'Travel support - Travel AARMS'. In the body of the email please provide your proposed budget.

Travel and Housing

Memorial University Summer Accommodations. Please complete this form.
The Guv'Nor Inn, 389 Elizabeth Avenue
Holiday Inn, 180 Portugal Cove Road
Quality Inn, 2 Hill O'Chips
Super 8

Book your flight into YYT: St. John's, NL (not to be confused with YSJ: St John, NB!)


Campus Map - The conference is at 14. I recommend printing off this map before you arrive on campus so that you can find your way to Arts and Administration on Saturday AM. There aren't a lot of maps on campus. If you find the Science and the Mathematics Buildings, then Arts and Admin is the other building in this quad. There are 3 flags in front of this building, but you may need to go around to the side to get in.

Where to eat lunch?

Here's a map. This map also shows the scenic walk from the workshop location to the banquet at the Fluvarium.

At the University Centre: Extreme Pita will be open Saturday and Sunday during lunch. Mrs Vanilli's will be open on Saturday and maybe Sunday (depending on Saturday's turnout).

Elsewhere on campus: Bitter's will be open on Saturday.

Internet on campus

If you are staying on campus you will be provided with a wireless internet password. If your home campus participates in Eduroam you likely will be able to connect at Memorial U - see details here. If neither of the previous two apply (or if the latter applies and you don't want to take any chances) please email me to indicate your interest and I will set you up with a wireless password.


There's lots to see in and around St. John's:

Pippy Park (near campus)
The Grand Concourse (St John's)
Signal Hill (St John's)
George Street (St John's)
Whale and puffin tours (Bay Bulls - 30 min drive)
Whale watching (St John's)
Cape Spear (20 min drive)
The East Coast Trail (St John's and beyond)
Manuels River - fossils (Manuels - 20 min drive)
Mistaken Point - fossils (Trepassey - 2.5 hrs drive)
Cape St Mary's - seabirds (2.5 hrs drive)
Ferryland (1 hr drive)

Supporting Organizations

Atlantic Association for Research in Mathematics and Statistics

Centre de Recherches Mathematiques

Dept of Mathematics and Statistics, MUN

Faculty of Science, MUN

Office of the Vice President - Research, MUN